InstaDebit is a Canadian company offering payment services. It is headquartered at Toronto, Ontario. In 2004, the company was launched for the first time. 

InstaDebit is designed to be an online payment service that permits customers to transfer funds and make payments for online purchases using their local banks offering online banking.

But, it does not eliminate the need to divulge bank account information and personal information with banks.

The process guarantees speedy, secure and easy transactions which is why it’s become a favorite bank solution for a lot of Indians betting on sports.

Unlike other online banking methods, InstaDebit can be used to fund your account as well as to withdraw money from your sports betting app balance. 

The process is highly effective and extremely secure because it employs advanced encryption techniques to safeguard your transactions. Security is further enhanced due to the fact that the majority of InstaDebit transactions are monitored by the major security certification firms such as TRUSTe and VeriSign.

A complete guide to using InstaDebit in Indian betting apps

First, we’d like to clarify one thing. It is important to understand that InstaDebit is not an actual digital wallet. It functions more as an intermediary payment gateway, which acts in the role of an intermediary for Indian gamblers and regional banks.

The method is based on online banking. In order to make use of it, you’re required to have an account for savings or a check account at one of the Canadian banks. This allows you to pay the online sportsbook you prefer without divulging any of your details to anyone else in this instance, or the betting company.

InstaDebit is a simple way to connect you to your bank’s online account. The information regarding the transfer is confidential between the bank that you are a customer of. 

The Canadian banks that are partnered together with InstaDebit are TD Bank, the Bank of Montreal, the Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank as well as Scotiabank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the National Bank, among others.

In order to use InstaDebit to bet online gamblers must be 18 or older and must provide the four digits that make up the SIN (Social Insurance Number). This proves their identity as well as ensures the security of their funds transfer. It is required to sign up to open an InstaDebit account to utilize this method.

Another benefit of this payment option is that you can try how it functions when you make your first InstaDebit deposit to the sportsbook online. This means that you can open an account right at the time of your initial check-out, and start using it as soon as you are ready..

It’s not the case for e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller in which you have to create an account, then top up your account balance, and confirm your account prior to being qualified to take advantage of the features available and to increase the amount you can spend.

 Check out the following article for more information on how you can sign-up with your InstaDebit account.

How do I create a InstaDebit account

Registering to sign up for InstaDebit is a fast and simple procedure. It can be done when you deposit your first amount or register on the InstaDebit website. 

When you register, you have to complete a short sign-up form that requires you to enter your personal information, such as names, emails along with the four last numbers that make up the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Your birth date is important because it permits InstaDebit to confirm that you are of a certain age ( individuals under 18 are not eligible to utilize the services of the payment gateway). A portion of your Social Insurance Number On the other hand is necessary as InstaDebit must verify your identity. 

This can help stop the laundering of money and other illicit methods of obtaining money.

Because InstaDebit is, at its core, acting as a mediator between the person who is betting and their bank, providing details about your savings or checking account is also required at the time of registration.

It is necessary to fill in the 5-digit number for bank transfer and the 3-digit number of your bank, as well as the twelve-digit code of the personal account you have.

This information is on the back of any old checks. If you don’t have one available it is possible to contact your bank to ask if they provide you with the required information.

When you’ve established an InstaDebit Account, the payment company will make a transfer (typically less than 160 INR to your checking or savings account. The exact amount that is credited to your account will be reflected in the bank’s statement in 5 days of registering.

The purpose of this is to assist you check the bank accounts of your. It will also allow you to expand your spending limit and withdraw funds.

When you receive the amount, you’ll have to sign in to the InstaDebit account, go into your Verify bank account section and then enter the amount that you received as a credit (the precise amount will be available exclusively to the person who made it).

How to make a deposit with InstaDebit

InstaDebit is the most preferred choice of many Indian gamblers because it allows them to deposit money easily to betting websites in real-time. It is as easy as going to a sportsbook on the internet that accepts this method, sign-up (or directly sign in to an existing account) then go to the cashier, where you click InstaDebit.

The system will ask you to choose the desired deposit amount, and then it will redirect you to the official website of InstaDebit which you will need to login (or make the payment as an account new to you and sign in when you check out). Follow the steps to confirm the money transfer and then you’re done.

Your balance for sports betting is updated in a matter of seconds since InstaDebit makes transactions in real-time.

It is easy to deposit funds at Instadebit betting apps. It is easy and straightforward if you follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Deposit” button
  2. Select ‘INSTADEBIT” as your payment method
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit
  4. Click on “Make Deposit”
  5. Enter your Instadebit details, and your social insurance number
  6. Select ‘Confirm Transaction’

How to withdraw money from InstaDebit

The withdrawal process is simple. It may take up to 3 business days for your withdrawal request to be processed depending on how long it takes the bookmaker. You must have made a deposit with the same method to make a withdrawal from Instadebit cricket betting apps. All you need to do is:

  • Log in to your favorite online bookie
  • Click the “Withdraw” button
  • Choose Instadebit as your payment method
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Choose the confirm option

That’s all. Once the transaction is processed, the amount will be available in your account within three days. You can either withdraw funds from your bank account or use the funds directly from your account.

Limitations and fees

Instadebit accounts are free to create. You don’t have to pay any fees when you make payments from your Instadebit account. 

There is a ₹1.95 fee for every payment you make to Instadebit companies directly from your bank accounts. When you submit a withdrawal request, some bookies might charge a fixed amount or percentage of the withdrawal amount. Instadebit charges are ₹50 per transaction if you wish to withdraw money from your bank account.

Limits: In most bookmakers the minimum deposit is ₹100, and the maximum is ₹10000. The minimum withdrawal amount is usually ₹1500, while the maximum withdrawal amount is ₹800.000.

InstaDebit Card Pros and Сons

Many online gamblers are aware that there are many factors that make online gambling possible. Instadebit has many benefits for casino players but also some drawbacks.

High levels of securityThe number of casinos that accept the method is extremely limited
Excellent customer serviceAn Instadebit account cannot be linked to more than one bank
Instadebit withdrawals are usually very quick
InstaDebit is free for account opening

Alternative to InstaDebit

InstaDebit is not the only option for paying with. There are many other payment options available on Indian betting apps, including:

VISA – Visa is the most popular payment option at Indian online gambling sites and casinos. Global payments company is ranked alongside Mastercard as the most used method to withdraw or deposit money online at betting apps.

MuchBetter – MuchBetter is an easy-to-use and secure payment option that can be used to gamble online. MuchBetter is fast, safe and easy to use to deposit and transfer funds from cricket betting applications.

Skrill – Skrill allows you to send money and make payments. You can also control your spending. Skrill allows you to manage your money online or via apps.

InstaDebit FAQ

What is the withdrawal time for an InstaDebit?

It takes 1-5 days for funds to clear the banking network and appear on your bank account.

Is it legal to use InstaDebit?

Instadebit, a market leader, is trusted by online merchants all over the world. It’s also available on thousands of websites and betting apps.

How can I send money to InstaDebit?

Click on the ‘Cashier” tab and choose “Deposit”. The InstaDebit logo will now appear. Click on the icon to select this deposit option.