Apple Pay is a digital payment method that is commonly used among online bettors.Most devices powered by Apple (iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch) have Touch ID capability which is a new feature. It can also be used on MAC computers and laptops. You can use it to pay for items in shops, through apps, and online.

This payment service is part of the eWallet category. It allows you to make contactless transactions in person or over the internet.

A complete guide using Apple Pay in Indian betting apps

Apple Pay requires two things to be eligible. One, you must have an Apple device. The other, your bank or credit card issuer must support Apple Pay payments. It is extremely easy to set up payments if you have both of these.

You will need to add a credit or debit card to use Apple Wallet on your iPhone. Your device will already be set up with an Apple ID. Add a card to your apple wallet section. Your camera can scan the card to identify the long number. Next, verify the details and then enter the security code and expiry date. If the camera fails to pick up the number correctly, you can edit it.

Continue reading and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions. Finally, make sure to check the details one more time. You will need a second authentication factor to set up your card. You can choose to either receive a text message from your bank or call it. After you have received your verification code, enter it to activate your card. Apple Pay can be used immediately.

Apple Pay can only be used for gambling if it is available on betting cricket betting apps and you are in the area at the time. The ability to gamble via the eWallet depends on the availability of the underlying payment methods.

You can legally fund cricket betting apps and casinos with Apple Pay if:

  • You currently reside in India .
  • To make a deposit, you must have a bank account or card that accepts payments in favor of gambling operators.
  • You can use the payment method for gambling-related purposes.

Although it may seem strange, Apple Pay is the safest way to pay offline and online.

Apple Pay was born because cards are insecure. They have exposed numbers and codes and are kept by many online merchants. Apple Pay uses this information to package the payment and not send personal details.

The digital token is protected by a key that is specific to the merchant to which you are trying to pay. This increases security as each payment can only be unlocked by the specific processor. Apple sends the site your device number as well as a second security code in order to verify the transaction.

A fingerprint ID is more secure than a pin, but you must be present in person to make a payment with Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay online and within apps

Apple Pay can be used to pay within an app when Apple Pay is available as a payment option.

  1. Tap the Apple Pay button to choose Apple Pay as your method of payment.
  2. Tap the Next button or Expand Menu button to pay with another card.
  3. Enter your billing, shipping and contact information if necessary. Apple Pay stores this information so that you don’t have to enter it again.
  4. Confirm the payment.

iPhone or iPad with Face ID: Click the side button twice, then enter your Face ID code or passcode.

iPhone or iPad without Face ID: Use Touch ID or your passcode.

Apple Watch: Double-click on the side button

Mac with Touch ID: Follow these prompts and place your finger onto Touch ID. Tap the Apple Pay icon on Touch Bar to disable Touch ID. Follow the prompts.

Without Touch ID on Mac: Confirm payment via your Bluetooth-connected iPhone/Apple Watch. Verify that you are signed in using the same Apple ID for all devices.

  1. Once your payment has been successful, you will see Done and a checkmark.

Depositing with Apple Pay in betting Apps

It is easy to deposit once you have registered for the service. Select Apple Pay as your payment option, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and then press pay. If you have more than one method registered, your apple wallet will open and you can choose the card you wish to use. To verify the transaction, place your thumb or finger onto the fingerprint scanner. Your funds will be available in your account within seconds. As with all Apple Payments, you will receive a receipt in your notification center and in your wallet.

Withdrawing with Apple Pay in betting Apps

Apple Pay payments are accepted by online bookmakers. You can add funds to your account from anywhere you go via mobile or desktop computers. All options have the same features but Mobile Betting is the most popular way to gamble.

Here’s how you can add Apple Pay as a payment option to your betting account:

  1. Log in or register to your betting account
  2. Click on your username to the top of this homepage
  3. Deposits and banks to choose
  4. Enter your Apple Pay account details and confirm
  5. Apple Pay will allow you to withdraw winnings and make payments.

Apple Pay lets you bet on your favorite sports. You can also use it to get the best bonus from betting applicationss. New customers receive a free bonus bet when they sign up for an account.

Apple Pay, as with all online betting payment methods, has terms and conditions. These terms and conditions provide details about withdrawal times and transfer times. You will also find details about minimum and maximum withdrawals and deposits. 

Apple Pay Pros and Сons

Apple Pay is an excellent addition to major e-commerce supplier’s payment platforms. With a wider selection of payment options, customers will have a smoother and more uninterrupted experience with your company.

The IOS app for Apple devices is free to purchasers, while retailers do not have to pay a processing fee. The most valuable brand in the world ensures that credit card information is kept safe from prying eyes. These data are not available to app users or retailers.

Below are the benefits and drawbacks of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay payments can be made by simply moving your phone near an NFC scanner. The Touch ID will allow you to accept or make purchases.Sometimes, a product release bug can impact the operation of the payment service.
You don’t have to carry a physical debit/credit or card. This means that there is a lower chance of someone stealing your card(s), or their information.It might be difficult for customers or retailers to download the app as they must have an iPhone 6 in order to assist retailers.
Apple Pay allows you to make purchases even if you’re offline.Some distributors do not use mobile payment terminals. You will need to keep your wallet close at hand when you shop. A sneering text may appear on your phone screen after you have made the payment.
There are no hidden or additional charges.

Alternative to Apple Pay

In case you do not use Apple Pay in betting apps, you can always use other equally reliable payment systems available in India.

UPI – It is the most real-time payment system that is most in demand among Indian bettors. Install the UPI app on your smartphone and bet quickly and reliably.

Skrill – Most online bookmakers in India use Skrill as a payment method because it is one of the safest e-wallets for online betting.

Neteller  – This electronic money transfer service is used by millions of bettors around the world. Making transactions through the Neteller App players can be sure that their funds are secure and anonymous.


What is a Device Number?

When your card is registered for Apple Pay, a Device Account Number is assigned to it. It’s used to make secure transactions in stores and apps on the internet.

What is the maximum number of cards that can be registered for Apple Pay?

– 12 cards for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3.
– 8 unique cards for all other devices.
You can register the same card to multiple devices.

Can I lock Apple Pay?

Apple Pay locks when the device has been locked. Apple Pay requires a device passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID to be used. Apple Watches will automatically lock when you remove it from your wrist. Without entering a passcode, it can’t be unlocked.

Does it work on my Android smartphone?

Apple Pay is currently only available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2.