When you think of an online cricket betting app, one of the main aspects is the payment method. To play, everyone is required to use some kind of payment method at the cricket betting app. But which are the best options for your cricket betting? What is their effectiveness, and what are the things you have to know? Find out here!

Best Cricket Betting Payment Methods India

There are numerous internet-based Betting and Betting online payment options available in India. In the past, the variety of possibilities increased rapidly. Due to the wide variety of payment options, processing speeds and security have increased. Moreover, transferring real money to your betting account and withdrawing has never been simpler.

The most suitable cricket betting app payment method completely depends on your preferences. Are you a fan of your privacy and ease of transaction, or would you prefer paying with cryptocurrency? It’s up to you.

The only thing we can assist you with is providing you with information about the top cricket betting app in India with a large range of payment options. That’s why we came to the following list of top choices. It is possible to perform transactions with your preferred payment service with these betting sites.

The most suitable payment options for betting apps on the internet depend on the type of payment you’re seeking. What payment options do you have in your arsenal? What are your preferred payment methods? Do you prefer to use only one or more platforms? Or are you more comfortable with an electronic wallet, or do you like to pay via phone?

Whatever you like, we’ve are here to help. Find all payment methods for betting from the most popular cricket apps online and top betting sites here:

Transfers to banks✔️ Bank transfer betting apps are very well-known. Be aware that a few Indian cricket betting apps accept online transactions.
Netbanking✔️ Is an alternative term for Transfers to banks. Learn everything you can about this payment method.
Mastercard✔️ It’s easy to spend your money at one of India’s most popular cricket betting apps using your Mastercard.
Maestro✔️ Like the brother to Mastercard, Maestro betting payments are easy and reliable.
Visa✔️ Do you have a Visa card? Have you considered betting on cricket using it? Learn all you need to know about it.
Paypal✔️ Is a dependable wallet that is also utilized to make cricket betting transactions.
Skrill✔️ Is among the most well-known e-wallets used for cricket betting payments. Learn more about the reasons and how it functions.
Neteller✔️ This transfer service is secure and reliable for betting payments.
Muchbetter✔️ The MuchBetter E-wallets, elevate payments made on betting apps to a new height. The processing speed is faster than ever before!
Payeer✔️ Pay in complete anonymity using your bank account without needing to reveal your personal information!
Instadebit✔️ Looking for a secure betting payment method? InstaDebit acts as an intermediary with your banking institution and bookmaker.
Ecopayz✔️ Is a reliable and well-known e-wallet that’s extremely safe and simple!
Apple Pay✔️ Are you have or have you purchased any Apple products? Apple Pay could be the betting payment method for you!
Google Pay✔️ If you’re an Android user, you may perhaps pay bookmakers via your mobile.
PhonePe✔️ Would you want to pay for your betting app using your smartphone? This is possible with the help of PhonePe
UPI✔️ For mobile cricket betting UPI might be the method of payment you’ve been searching for.
Paysafecard✔️ No cards or phones; just pay for a Paysafecard, and you’re all set to go.
Astropay Card✔️ Very well-known pay card that provides privacy, speedy payments and security.
Runpay✔️ This quick, simple and easy e-wallet is perfect for betting transactions online!
Neosurf✔️ Do you not have credit cards? Don’t worry! Neosurf allows you to pay through your online bookmaker.
Crypto✔️ Gambling payments are gaining popularity! Find out everything about the benefits of these payment methods.
Bitcoin✔️ Is the most well-known cryptocurrency; it demonstrates on its own that crypto betting provides Bitcoin payment options.
Litecoin✔️ There is a few gambling sites in India which accept Litecoin payments. Please find out how it functions.
Ethereum✔️ Ethereum is the second most well-known cryptocurrency. Find out where you can make a payment using Ethereum on the betting app.

One of the Most Popular Betting sites, Payment Methods India

There’s a wide range of choices, making it difficult to choose. We’ve put together several informative pages where we explain the different options for payment. This will allow you to determine the online betting payment method that is the best for your requirements.

We want to present India’s most well-known ways to pay for cricket betting online. There’s a reason why certain payment options get more attention than others, isn’t there? Consider it! Let’s go!

Online Banking

Online Banking

Online banking is among the most well-known betting payment methods across the globe. However, even in India, it can be not easy to make online payments using online banking. This is because some banks do not accept these types of transactions.

Netbanking and Bank Transfer

Transfers to banks, often known as Netbanking, are offered in nearly all India’s online betting sites and apps. They’re very easy to track and make use of. In addition, they’re extremely secure. It is also unnecessary to create a new account to go with the payment. Both withdrawals and deposits are possibility.Like I said, a few banks accept transactions made online. But, in addition, the net banking or bank transfer transactions made online in India generally have higher fees and long processing times.

Netbanking and Bank Transfer



InstaDebit acts as an intermediary for your bank with online Betting. You will require an account with a bank to make Instadebit online Betting transactions. The payments made using Instadebit are extremely safe. They accept multiple currencies, and withdrawals are processed in under 72 hours.

However, InstaDebit isn’t supported by every bank , and it must be connected to an account at a bank. Therefore, you can only have one account to use for the linking process, which means that InstaDebit is not private.


Almost all Indian online Bettings support Mastercard payments. All transactions are secured and therefore secure payments. If you do not have an Mastercard, it’s simple to obtain one. Because they’re among the most popular global payment companies You can be assured that MasterCard is a reliable brand.

However it is not the case that every Mastercard Betting will accept Mastercard withdrawals. So you may have to search for a different method to withdraw your money.




E-wallets are quite popular within the online Betting world. They’re secure, simple to use, and anonymous speedy. This is what makes them an essential tool. There are many reliable and well-known online wallets. These are the most well-known.


The best of the best or at the very least for the vast majority of players who play online Bettings, is the electronic-wallet Skrill. What makes it so famous? It provides quick and worldwide accepted payment methods. It’s easy and secure to use! When compared to other e-wallets, it’s also less expensive.

One thing that all might not appreciate is the fact the fact that Skrill requires that you deposit money through a third party. You’ll need to have a bank account or another payment system. Skrill transactions also require verification for greater limits.




The electronic-wallet Neteller allows instant transactions and a vast variety of deposit options. It’s extremely well-known, and many gambling sites in India accept the payment method. In addition, it can be used globally, and it’s very simple to utilize the platform.

The only issue with Neteller is the fact there aren’t any prepaid cards in India, and you’ll be required to deposit into your Neteller account to deposit your Betting account online. This means you’ll have to go through two steps before the payment to your Betting online is processed.


We are awestruck by instant Betting deposits. That’s why we are so fond of MuchBetter. This is a Betting and bank account intermediary. You can earn loyalty points and also win prizes. MuchBetter can also help you earn Betting bonuses online, while with Neteller and Skrill, it is often difficult to access an attractive Betting bonus online.

To use MuchBetter it is necessary to make sure that you have enough money in your account. This could take several days. That means that you cannot begin playing as soon as you’d like. In order to withdraw money, it’s not possible. MuchBetter You’ll need to select a different method of payment.




PayPal is compatible with multiple payments and currencies. It’s free, and it’s on top of that simple to use. It is possible to make large amounts of money and frequently earn exciting online Betting bonuses linked to PayPal transactions. It’s not too late to mention that Paypal is extremely simple to use.

However, the process of paying your bills can be delayed for a few days if you haven’t connected your bank account with your account. There could be fees that apply.



There are people who don’t want the idea of using e-wallets or cards prefer to pay using their mobile phones. With the advancement of technologies, there’s a variety of options for players of online Bettings who wish to pay at Bettings online using mobile payment.

Apple Pay

If you’re proud to be the possessor of an Apple device, Apple Pay might be the best online Betting payment option for you. It’s cost-free and requires just the phone. You also need an account with a debit or credit card and a mobile equipped with the capability of detecting fingerprints. The transactions are secure and rapid.

There aren’t many betting sites online in India accepting Apple Pay payments though. If you’re searching for a payment option that permits the transfer and withdrawal of cash, Apple Pay isn’t for you. Apple Pay only allows deposits.

apple Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is an alternative to mobile payments that Bettings can use online. It is possible to use it for other purposes than only online Bettings. Payouts are processed fast and it’s extremely simple to use and provides great security.Google Pay is available for free the majority times, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow withdrawals from online Bettings. You’ll need to find other method of payment.



UPI Betting transactions are considered to be mobile payments. They are highly secure , and in addition to that, they’re completely free. There is no rigorous verification required which allows payments to be quick and simple. The payments are made instantaneous. Sometimes, you can even earn cashback!If you prefer anonymity, UPI Betting transactions aren’t your thing. The transactions are also limited to 1 lakh. A web-based application must be downloaded and it requires a smartphone as well as access to the internet. Some people do not have access for this.



Cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity in recent several years. It is the reason why more Bettings online accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. There are strong reasons to support it.

Payments made through crypto Betting have immediate processing time, are free for you to use and provide the opportunity to make extra profits. Cryptocurrencies are also secure and extremely secure. They could be the most secure payment method for online Bettings.

There aren’t several Bettings that are located in India accepting crypto-based payments as of yet. Many Bettings online will accept Bitcoin as well as Ethereum however the Litecoin is still a scarce. Also, you need to be experienced to become an effective crypto trader. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of cash.

Charges when using Online Betting Payment Methods

Betting online payments aren’t always completely free. It is something that you must take into consideration. Sometimes, it’s the payment service provider for online Bettings that charges you. On the contrary the online Betting may also be calculating fees.

Be aware that online Bettings will always display the fees on their site. Always check for this information to avoid unpleasant unexpected surprises. Another thing to consider is the deposit minimum and maximum or withdrawal conditions. These are also available by the payment processor or online Betting.

Have you heard that in some cases Bettings online will pay the fee of the payment service provider on itself? It all depends on the gambling website to gambling site.

Transfer money to an online Betting

Most of the time , transferring funds in an online gaming site regardless of the Betting’s payment method, is based on the same process. However, this could be different dependent on the Betting online and the method of payment chosen. In most cases, the steps listed below should be sufficient to make a successful internet Betting withdrawal.

  • Join the Betting online by providing your personal details.
  • Log into your account and then go through the pay menu.
  • Choose ‘My Account or Deposit’.
  • Choose the payment method that you prefer.
  • Enter the required information as well as the Bonus code.
  • Input the amount you wish to pay.
  • Complete the transaction by signing.

Withdrawals in an Online Betting

The best aspect of online Betting payment methods is that you can win! When you’ve won a good sum of cash, you’re now able to relax and spend the winnings. To accomplish that you’ll need to cash out your winnings. Take note of the online Betting payment methods including the amount that is the minimum and the maximum, as well as the final fees.

  • Log into your Betting online account.
  • Select the payment menu and click ‘Withdraw’..
  • Choose the preferred payment method Sometimes, you’ll need to confirm your identity.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Input the amount to withdraw.
  • You must confirm the payment, and then make sure you wait until it is in your account.

What is the best method to select what is Best Online Betting Payment Method

The old saying that choosing is losing, isn’t true in this case. All Bettings on the internet that we provide on cricketbettingapp.in are reliable and offer the most reliable online Betting payment methods. The risk of losing is not an option.

You’ll still need to choose a payment method to pay using, right? What should you consider when choosing which one to choose? Be aware of the following points in your mind.

  • The speed of transactions
  • Fees
  • Limits on Maximum and Minimum
  • Bonuses that can be tied to payments
  • Anonymity
  • The availability

Online Betting Payment Bonus

We briefly talked about on in the present article, players could occasionally be fortunate enough to get an attractive Betting online bonus that is related with payment options. Always visit the bonus page of the online Betting you choose to see if it offers an extra amount of money to use.

The most frequent Betting bonus, that is tied to payment methods, is the sign-up bonus. Be sure to check these terms of conditions prior to you sign up for a payment-related Betting bonus.