Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket league for men’s T-Twenty matches professionally founded in 2007. There are ten teams in IPL belonging to ten Indian cities. IPL enjoys a massive viewership around the world because of the world’s popular players in the teams and the thrill of matches. Like many other records in the history of this league, the highest run chase in ipl is also a considerable section of the history.

Highest run chase in ipl

In ipl history there is so many noticeable run chase in ipl, from almost all the teams turn by turn, however, there are some of the highest successful run chases with not only huge target set but also with a tough target.

There is a huge record of the run chase in ipl, many with the tag of the highest run chase in ipl, or with a tag of the highest successful run chase in ipl history, no matter what it is, nonetheless, in ipl history, viewers have enjoyed most productive seasons with a number of the successful run chase.

Ipl history

After having a close look at the ipl history, in order to collect information about the different run chase in ipl or to collect data about the highest chase, one can find a huge record of the highest run chase in ipl from the most successful team including kings xi Punjab, Gujarat Lions, Chennai super kings, Mumbai Indians, Kolkata knight riders, or Rajasthan royals.

Kings xi Punjab

Punjab kings, before named as kings xi Punjab, has changed its name in 2021, due to some of their internal concerns by the owner, however, it doesn’t matter to the other team members, because they focus to give out a satisfactory performance at every cost.

xi Punjab is considered a team with most men in the form including some of the big players around the world making it the most popular team in the ipl history. The players of xi Punjab have not only delivered most centuries but they have also created history in multiple wickets, or highest chase. The credit could be given to the entire team and the way Captain George bailey completed his superb duties of being the head of the team.


Punjab kings’ highest score chased

During the year 2014, the team kings xi Punjab has shown its performance with the highest successful chase in ipl history and enjoyed a huge round of applause from their audiences. That highest chase in ipl history for xi Punjab kings was against the team of Sunrisers Hyderabad. The match was considered one of the most memorable matches because of their captain George Bailey, who had joined them after a challenging career in Chennai super kings earlier.

The successful run chase of xi Punjab

The target they have to chase against the Sunrisers Hyderabad team was a huge one with a digit of 206. However, it was a complete team show with the efforts of Wirrdhiman Saha and Manan Vohra, along with all their team members, who have completed the protocols of the game by scoring a substantial score of 211, overall.

Rajasthan royals breaking the norms

Rajasthan Royals is included in one of the most popular teams in the ipl history and enjoyed a huge fan following across the globe. The team has delivered the third-highest successful chase in ipl history back in the early seasons of ipl matches. It happened in 2008 when the team was full of new players, still with the men in form.

Picking up the Captian

The team Rajasthan Royals have picked their Steve Smith as their captain second time during this match and the decision looked extremely beneficial for them

Highest successful run chase of Rajasthan royals

The match was against Deccan Chargers and the team of Rajasthan royals had to chase the score of 217. It seemed difficult when their players could not play well in the first half, however, the captain Shane Warne helped his team by delivering a neat and satisfactory performance, and they have managed to record their name as the highest chase.

Another highest successful run chase by Rajasthan royals

The same team Rajasthan Royals has a series of the highest run chase in ipl with their amazing team players and game strategies. In another match against Kings XI Punjab, they have given a memorable run chase in ipl by scoring 219 by presenting a wonderful game and recorded this match too as the highest run chase in ipl.

Mumbai Indians highest run chase in ipl

The struggling team Mumbai Indians also have their name recorded in the history of the highest run chase in ipl when they have scored 219 scores against the team Chennai Super Kings.

Performance of Chennai super kings

This was the most memorable match in the history of ipl when the team of Chennai super kings had well played at the first half with the help of their opening batsmen including Moeen Ali and Faf Du Plessis. Their player Rayudu has delivered the score of more than half-centuries, a great score of 72 at only 27 balls, and to everyone’s surprise, the score became higher.

The highest run chase in ipl by Mumbai Indians

With the struggle of the captain of Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma they make it possible to record their performance in the record book of ipl as the highest run chase in ipl. It was not like that the score appeared achievable, rather it seemed difficult for Mumbai Indians to stay against the strong bowling lineup of Chennai Super Kings, still, when the game started the runs started flowing freely for the team Mumbai Indians, and they make it to the highest run chase in ipl. It seemed that the team MI will not easily win, however, they wiped out all the speculations.

Royal challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore is also a team of the highest run scorer in different ipl matches from time to time. The most memorable highest run chase for the team of Royal Challengers Banglore was the match they have played against Kings Xi Punjab.


Highest run chase

The highest run chase of Royal challengers Bangalore was 204 against the Kings Xi Punjab but it was not the only match where the team Royal Challengers Bangalore had scored the highest run, rather there are two more considerable matches when the team has shown their stunning form by scoring a great run and record their name in the list of best teams.

Match against Pune warriors India

That was the IPL match where the team has managed to highlight their name once again as the highest run chase against Pune Warriors India. They have chased the highest target of 263, with a mesmerizing team effort and by presenting a great game.

Match against Gujrat Lions

In this match too, once again the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore has shown their best game by scoring a substantial total of 248 against the team of Gujrat Lions.

Delhi Capitals

The team of Delhi Capitals too have once taken the title of the highest run chase in ipl with an amazing strategy and the passion of the whole team. Looking at other teams, managing to have their names in IPL’s history of highest run chases, The team’s hopes have gotten strong to get the title too with their hard work.

The Chase of Delhi Capitals

They have played the match against Kings Xi Punjab and the capital of the team Delhi Capitals, Rishabh Pant, managed to organize his team and focused on a successful chase. They have received the target of 230 by Kings Xi Punjab, and they fulfilled the target quite conveniently.

Deccan Chargers in Run Chasing

Deccan Chargers is a team in the ipl history of the highest run chase, who never have made up to that level, where it can register its name as the highest run chaser just like other teams.

An Overview of the Highest run chase in ipl

According to different states and figures recorded by different platforms, the team Rajasthan Royals is one of the most highly appreciated teams, who have managed to mark its name in the most successful run chase in ipl history till now.

There are a number of substantial matches where the team has surprised its followers with their insane performance by chasing the highest and swift scores. Second, in the list of the most popular team in this regard is Mumbai Indians, who fought back successfully many times and chased the highest scores.

Third, in the list of successful ipl teams is Kings Xi Punjab, who have also chased high scores in history, however, all the other teams have left behind when it comes to Rajasthan Royals because their score was the highest among all of them. They have given the target of 224 by Kings Xi Punjab, and they scored back as 226. This is the highest run chase in ipl history till now.