Every country has a passionate team of cricket players who play in different matches or tournaments. In the same way, tournaments are held in India like the IPL. In these tournaments, the batsman can create an environment to win with the fastest century in IPL.

PlayerRunsBallsAgainstBalls for centuryYear
Chris Gayle175*66PW302013
Yusuf Pathan10037MI372008
David Miller101*38RCB382013
Adam Gilchrist109*47MI422008
AB de Villiers129*52GL432016
David Warner12659KKR432017

There have been 20 years of playing the Indian Premier League and showing the fastest century as a Highest Individual Score. This article will discuss the top six players with the century in IPL history. However, the top player is Chris Gayle. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle has scored the fastest century in IPL history among the top six, and it was a day in 2013 on the 25th match of IPL. The match was held at the Chinnaswamy Stadium between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Pune Warriors India.

He decided to make Chris Gayle 30 balls in the match against the talented bowlers. He hit the ball to the corner of the Chinnaswamy Stadium. It was a fantastic century within the minimum time.

Royal Challengers Bangalore made a memorable day with Chris Gayle 30 balls. Gayle scored the match and beat the Pune warriors India with a sudden change in the match.

The Gayle storm consists of 17 sixes and 13 fours to beat the opposition in the match. Chris Gayle is considered the universe boss because of making a century in a short time.

On this great success of the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chris Gayle was named the player of the match.

Yusuf Pathan

In IPL history, Yusuf Pathan has the second fastest century in IPL with 37 balls. Among the fastest centuries in IPL, he has gained second place globally.

He was in the Rajasthan Royals teamwith his fastest century in IPL and competed with the Mumbai Indians. He has gained fame after the huge success of the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

They were competing at the Brabourne Stadium, and the Rajasthan Royals beat the Mumbai Indians to win second place for Yusuf Pathan.

His century includes the eight sixes and nine fours after the great efforts. During the match, Mumbai Indians have made the match difficult with its highest score as the first turn in the match. But Rajasthan Royals had Yusuf in their team.

Mumbai Indians had a chance to win, but Yusuf made their defeat possible with his great efforts.

David Miller

Among the fastest centuries in IPL history, David Miller played to make the third fastest century. The match was played between the XI Punjab and Bangalore at Bindra Stadium.

He scored a century with 38 balls and made third place in making a century in a short time.

David Miller’s 38 balls are famous for his name because he has scored the fastest century in IPL at this ball count. He has always been the best player on the field. This struggle and consistency enabled him and the XI Punjab to win the match.

With the seven sixes and eight fours, Miller had satisfied the fans of the Punjab Kings. He has skills of excellent batting that he learned with the experience of playing different matches.

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist is the fourth fastest century in IPL history. He is one of the best batsmen who can effectively handle wickets. He played a match for the Deccan Chargers against the Mumbai Indians, and with the efforts of Adam Gilchrist and hence Deccan Chargers won the match.

The match was held at the DY Patil Stadium, and Gilchrist scored a century in 42 balls. They won by ten wickets with eight overs remaining. The opposition team had the batting first, but the bowling as the second skill of Adam enabled him to beat the competing team.

Every success needs time and experience, and Adam works hard and puts his sincere efforts into meeting the goals of the fastest century.

AB de Villiers

In the Chinnaswamy Stadium, the match between the Bangalore and Gujarat Lions was held as a tournament of the IPL. Like many other matches of the IPL, it was played in the stadium when both of the teams were facing each other.

A team member of the Gujarat Lions, AB de Villiers, has made them win the match by putting in the effort.

However, AB de Villiers holds fifth place in the record of the fastest century in ipl history. With this win, AB de Villiers has reached the three-figure mark in getting the fastest hundred in IPL.

He has made this achievement within the 43 balls and placed fifth in the century based on the time. It is in fifth place because it has completed the century within the time below to fourth in the fastest centuries.

It started in 2016 against the Gujarat Lions and finished with the victory of Bangalore.

David Warner

It is one of the fastest centuries with fifth place based on the records. Like AB de Villiers, David Warner is also fifth place in the fastest century with 43 balls.

It was the match between the sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata knight Riders at the Rajiv Gandhi intl. Cricket Stadium. Defeating the opposition team with the century is not an easy task. Therefore, David Warner had put much effort into having a century in IPL history.

Final Verdict

All the players mentioned above scored high to demonstrate their skills to the world. They have put effort into having this rank worldwide. There is always a team member who made a century, and the whole team relies on them for success. However, every player has made the fastest century in IPL history.

If the cricket team doesn’t have any person for the centuries, that team will not win in front of a strong team. We have discussed the number of balls on which the team has completed the century. Thus, the top most is Chris Gayle, who has completed the century at a low number of balls.

With early seasons or new seasons, these players have made themselves be mentioned as the top-ranked century gainers.