If you’re looking to make steady profits from your betting on cricket, having a cricket betting system that works for you. This article is the right choice to develop it, here we will discuss the most efficient cricket betting strategies for IPL betting with apps.

What makes a Cricket Betting Strategy Good ?

The increasing popularity of cricket won’t just relate to the gorgeous sport. It’s also about the numerous betting options it offers to players. The top betting apps on cricket offer odds that are competitive across a variety of markets, including straight bets (for instance, Match Winne ) and player bets (Top Batsman/Bowler of the Team, Man of the Match) and team bets (Win Toss Over/Under [x] number of Runs first-innings score) as well as in-play betting.

A winning strategy for betting on cricket effectively ensures (or lays the basis of) the winnings regardless of the kind of bet you place – whether it’s an individual, double or an Acca.

This article will look at seven strategies for betting on cricket that you can employ to increase your chance of making money on your bet.

Note: This article is written for sophisticated cricket betting. Therefore, if you’re just beginning out, we recommend you start by learning the basics of betting on cricket.

Which is the best Cricket betting Strategy ?

Although the strategies listed below apply to the most prestigious cricket matches, keep at heart that they rely on specific conditions to be successful. We’ve left out certain cricket betting strategies because we consider highly uncertain because they may result in losing than winnings.

Note: The below can not be only used as IPL betting strategies; however, they can also be used in other sports.

  1. Dogon Strategy
  2. Flat Betting Strategy
  3. Financial Strategy ‘Percentage of Bank for Betting Strategy
  4. Oscar’s Grind
  5. Ladder System
  6. Danish System
  7. Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

Dogon Strategy

Dagon strategy was developed and used mainly on casino games, although it can have fantastic implementation on sports too. The meaning of Dogon method at casinos is that players place bets on black and red. 

This method of betting assists in the recovery of an unprofitable betting choices. After losing a bet then the player increases the amount of the bet according to the Dogon formula and then bets on a different event. The first win will be enough to make up losses, pay all the money placed and bring the bet to a win.

The player should have a solid financial resources and endurance to be able to successfully apply this strategy.

  • It is a Dogon strategy that is pure math and is popular.
  • It’s based on playing catch-up, which means that you increase your stakes on each step to compensate for losses during the prior rounds. The process continues until you’ve recouped what you lost on the bet you placed at the beginning and the planned profit you earned.
  • Be aware this Dogon can be a fundamental gambling strategy that can keep you in good standing in the short run; however, if you use it recklessly, it could lead to bankruptcy shortly. The method is dependent on flawless conditions and the notion that the bankroll of a gambler is infinity, which isn’t the case.

Here’s an example:

  • Bet Slip 1: You bet Rs100; lose
  • Bet Slip 2: You bet Rs200; lose
  • Bet Slip 3: You bet Rs400; lose
  • Bet Slip 4: You bet Rs800; win

In this case, we wager the sum of Rs1,500 for four rounds. We end up having a gain of just Rs100. That’s basically what we began with. It is important to note that we could have earned the same amount of profit when winning the bet at any of the earlier stages. The Dogon betting strategy for cricket is about: with each next bet, you attempt to compensate for losses previously made by gaining profits equal to the initial stake.


The term “flat betting” is used as a common gambling term commonly used in both casinos and sports betting the term is used to describe a player who bets the same amount for each bet. Because there isn’t any “creativity” or variation in speed, betting at the exact amount called flat betting.

Additionally flat betting is employed as a betting strategy. The concept is to put bets on the same amount of money each time until you get an unbeaten streak. Similar to any other betting method in the beginning, when you start flat betting, you have to establish your initial stake. This could range from 1% and 5% of your money.

A point to be noted is that flat betting isn’t considered to be a effective strategy for gamblers, particularly by those who assign more importance to other strategies.

  • How can you improve your odds of winning cricket bets as a newbie? It’s Flat betting, a betting strategy that’s easy mathematical and designed to be adequate for punters trying to figure out the best plan for them.
  • The basic principle behind flat bets is that each stake is equal to the amount, regardless of the number of bets placed.
  • If you’re not comfortable with the risk, you should go with a smaller bet.

Here is an example:

Imagine you have Rs2,000 within your cricket betting app account, and your fixed betting figure is fixed at Rs100. This is why you make the initial bet of Rs100. If you fail, your account is reduced to Rs1,900. But, you don’t have to alter the stake. Instead, the next bet you make is a total of 100 rupees.

Financial Strategy Percentage of Bank for Betting Strategy

The financial strategy of ‘Percentage of Bank’ can be more profitable than flat betting, even when it’s not working, let’s discover how it works.

The “Percentage of Bank” is among the most simple and most trustworthy betting strategies. It’s like the flat bet however unlike the former it’s not the amount bet to be fixed but rather the percent of the bankthe balance in the betting account of the player.

This strategy is also known as Percentage of Bank because the amount of bets are based upon the amount of bankroll (fixed percent).

  • Another bankroll-based cricket betting strategy is primarily helpful for novice bettors. Like flat betting, the “percentage of bank” system aims to minimize losses while minimizing risk.
  • Each bet you place must equal an exact percentage of your money to make this succeed.
  • The most popular slabs are the conservative ones (1-2 per cent of bankroll), moderate (3-5%)) aggressive (6-10 per cent) and chaotic (more than 10 per cent in bankroll).
  • We believe that the best bet is the middle slab, where you bet the equivalent of 3% of your account on the more volatile outcomes and 5% of your bankroll on more obvious ones.
  • The best way to avoid the “aggressive” and “chaotic slabs since that is a considerable risk.
  • This strategy for betting on cricket can be called the Dynamic Bank strategy because the exact amount of stake you stake will depend on the amount of money you have in your account.

Let’s look at a basic example.

The total amount of the bankroll is ₹1,000. The percentage that is fixed is 5.

  1. The initial wager is 50₹ (5 percent) with odds of 2. The bet is successful and the current bankroll is 1,000 plus 50 = 1 050 ₹.
  2. The amount of the following bet is calculated by five percent of the account (1,050₹) and equals 52.5 ₹.
  • If your bet is successful, you receive a payment of Rs50 and your bank balance increases to 1050 Rs. The next bet is the same amount of 5% of your account, and this time, it’s Rs50 (5 per cent of Rs1050)
  • Also, if you lose your bet, your account is decreased to Rs950. The next chance will be at just Rs47.5(5 per cent + Rs950).

Oscar’s Grind Betting System

Oscar’s Grind is a well-known betting strategy. It’s typically used to bet on even money with a specific winning target. Like all betting systems that are successful, this one usually achieves the objective however, at the cost of a significant loss if it fails. Like all betting systems is not able to stand tests of endurance, and will eventually suffer an actual loss.

Contrary to the majority of betting systems such as the Martingale Labouchere and Fibonacci one, the player presses his bets when he wins instead of losing. The system also doesn’t increase the size of the bet as fast like other methods, which makes it more like an “grind” to reach the goal of winning. This means the odds of achieving the goal to be less than those of more aggressive strategies, but it additionally, it allows players to play longer and for a an average of a lower bet.

  • This Oscar’s Grind cricket betting strategy is an improvement on the Dogon method. However, unlike the previous, it doesn’t allow you to increase your stake following each losing bet. Instead, you increase your stake just when you make your bet as you wait to pay to see (i.e. making sure your stake remains the same) those who lose.
  • This strategy for betting on cricket classifies betting on sports into settings and units. Each sitting starts by placing a single bet, and then it is over with the unit’s profit. For example, let’s say your stake is $100 while the odds remain set at 1.0. In that scenario, the sitting will only end after you’ve earned an amount of Rs100.
  • If you’re fortunate enough to win your first bet, you’ve earned an amount of Rs100, and thus, a new session would begin.
  • Suppose you lose your initial bet, as per Oscar’s Grind. In that case, you will be betting with the same amount of money until your wager is eventually successful. If you win, your stake is increased by the initial unit stake of 100 rupees. The amount remains at 200 until you win the next bet, after which it will rise to Rs300.
  • What can you do to make money at betting on cricket if you’re at the beginning of learning? Avoid Oscar’s Grind as much as you can!

Example :

Betslip 1100Loss(-) 100
Betslip 2100Loss(-) 200
Betslip 3100Loss(-) 300
Betslip 4100Win(-) 200
Betslip 5200Loss(-) 400
Betslip 6200Win(-) 200
Betslip 7300Win(+) 100

As you will see, your time will end with seven bets, and you finally earn the money of Rs100. But, it’s simple to see how this betting method could go horribly wrong and ruin your money sooner rather than later. If you’re a frequent bet, you’ll know that it is possible to experience an unlucky streak. If it happens, you’ll have to chase losses and bets that are more than the amount you staked in your initial unit. This is not a smart move, no matter what the imagination.


Ladder betting system is placing bets on a prop on different lines, with the odds becoming increasingly higher the higher up the ladder you go.

They can be used for team or game props however it’s the props for players that have become particularly popular in recent years.

If you want to bet on ladder play, you’ll need a cricket betting app which offers regular alternate lines, particularly on props of players.

  • The Ladder System is yet another simple method of betting on cricket that is mathematical. The total amount you win from the bet is put on that bet.
  • The book is appropriate for professionals and novices.
  • Always opt for options with lower odds, which means those with a good chance of happening. Let’s take, for instance, you’re betting on Australia for a test contest against Bangladesh. Australia has every opportunity to defeat Bangladesh, so they’ll have a lower chance of winning on their events.
  • Furthermore, using this betting strategy for cricket, you will specify the precise amount of bets you will place during a particular cycle. Experts recommend the 3- or 5-step ladder as each bet has the potential of losing the total bet.
  • This method is excellent for evaluating losses since you typically bet on low odds picks.
  • The main negative of this bet is that if it fails to win any wager, you’ll lose everything.

Example :

To illustrate this scenario, let’s say that your unit is worth ₹200. Here’s an idea of how you can divide this unit in a ladder using the odds of Curry earlier. Curry previous example.


Danish System

The Danish system for betting on sports is among the most popular of novices in betting and if properly implemented, even those who favor betting via mobile could benefit from it since it offers a chance not to be discouraged, even if a player gets in a losing streak. The Danish method is like Martingale’s strategy in terms of principle and its mechanism of operation. But there are some differences.

  • The Martingale method is based on doubling the amount of your next bet following each loss.
  • The Danish method is where the bet loser increase the amount of his subsequent bet to a specific amount. The other requirement is the chance of winning at a sporting event increase too.

Based on the Danish method, the participant will eventually recover all his funds and will eventually remain in the red. But only if not lose his entire savings in a series of failures.

To be able to play against a bookmaker in accordance with the Danish system It is essential to be aware of some fundamental aspects of this strategy:

  • If you lose after a loss, you must continue to increase your bets and the coefficient until the game is over.
  • The amount bet increases by 1 conventional unit every time, equivalent to the size of the bet minimum. The size of the bet is decided by the gambler himself. The MBS should be established with the bank in mind therefore it is feasible to take at minimum 10 steps.
  • The chance of winning each bet following a loss is increased by 0.5.

When the bet wins, the bet ends. The following bet after winning is placed at any size and at any odds however, it is recommended to begin with an MBS with the coefficient to be 1.5. When the bet loses, that is the start of a new phase of this Danish system.

  • The Danish System is a simple method of betting on cricket that is progressive that allows you to increase your stake to one unit (or your stake if you began with) and increase the odds to at the very least 0.5.
  • If you put a Rs100 bet with odds as high as 1.50. If you fail, your next bet is Rs200, and you’ll also be betting at odds that are 2.0. If you fail again, the next bet will be Rs300, with an odds of 2.5. The cycle continues. The cycle continues until you win a bet then the entire process is restarted.
  • This strategy comes with many critics since it’s certainly risky. If you fall into a losing streak, your bet and odds will continue to increase, and you’ll lose control of the losses. Additionally, with odds of 0.50 more than the prior one, every subsequent bet that you bet on has a theoretically lower probability of winning.
  • The primary difference between this betting method and the Dogon method is that you increase your stake after each loss with the former, but your odds stay the same. In The Danish System, your stake and odds rise when you lose the bet.
  • Mathematically speaking, therefore mathematically, the Danish method of betting on cricket has the potential to assist you in getting back your losses and earning more profit since you will benefit from the benefit of progression (of the value of bets and odds growing in tandem, giving you a greater possibility of writing back losses).




Cricket Bettors must always search for mathematical advantages rather than relying on intuitions. Knowing how to apply to apply the Kelly Criterion, for example it is a fantastic method to help bettors determine the amount they should bet. Find out more here.

Before placing a bet the bettors must consider six crucial questions such as who is, what, when the best time, place, reason and what? For this article, it’s the process, specifically how much to bet that we’re looking at.

Bettors must always seek out an edge that is mathematical instead of relying on their intuitions. Understanding how to utilize this Kelly Criterion, for example is an excellent way for punters to figure out the amount they should bet. Learn more about it here.

Before placing a bet, gamblers should think about six crucial questions which include who was, what, when and where.

You might want to consider placing a bet on betting on the English Premier League. These questions can be adapted to suit your needs:

  • Which team should you be betting on? Manchester United
  • What do you think is the best bet to place bets on? Top 4 finishes
  • When should you bet? Right now
  • Which bets to place your bets on? Pinnacle usually has the highest odds
  • What is the reason to bet? They seem to be over-priced.
  • What is the cost? How much should you bet to bet

Numerous papers suggest applying The Kelly Criterion or a derivative of it – like my 2013 paper that was published in the Journal of Gambling Business and Economics. The Kelly Criterion calculates the proportion of your personal funds that you can place bets on a result which has odds that are greater than anticipated, which means that your personal funds increase exponentially.

The Kelly Criterion formula is:

(BP”Q”) (BP – Q)

B = The Decimal Odds of -1
P is the probability of the success
Q = the likelihood that a failure will occur (i.e. 1-p)

A coin is used to illustrate Kelly Criterion staking

As an example, suppose you’re betting that a coin will be a heads coin at 2.00. But this coin has been manipulated and is only 52% likelihood of landing on heads.

In this instance:

P= 0.52
Q = 1-0.52 = 0.48
B = 2 = 1.

This is: (0.52×1 – 0.48) 1. 0.04

Thus, you can see that the Kelly Criterion would recommend you put your money into 4%. Positive numbers indicate an advantage for your bank account, which means that your bank account will increase exponentially

  • The principal goal of this strategy is to achieve an equilibrium between reward and risk and help you maximize your profits and reduce the risk of danger.
  • From a betting perspective on sports, This strategy aims to find the most suitable amount to put into a bet without putting your money at risk.
  • To allow the Kelly Criterion to work, you need to consider the probability (or the likelihood) of a wager to occur. Only then can you place a more significant bet on a stake with greater odds of winning. Likewise, make a smaller bet on bets that don’t have the same chance of coming through.
  • Determining this probability requires you to comprehend the game and the players involved. Therefore, it is essential to be neutral and objective in your judgment.
  • You’ve probably figured out that there’s no way to know the “expected likelihood” of winning a bet which is why you’ll find that the Kelly Criterion cricket betting strategy gets difficult. Suppose you don’t remove your own bias and determine the bet’s ‘actual’ likelihood with precision. In that case, The Kelly Criterion won’t work the way it was intended to.

T20/IPL Betting Strategy

The shortest format in the game, Twenty20 (T20) cricket, in my opinion, is the most thrilling to bet on since the odds are generally higher-paying and are more frequent than Test matches and ODIs and offers you a higher odds of making into a profit.

But, with the games being played fast and thick and the numerous betting markets (both on-course and in pre-game), it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact strategy that can be a challenge. However, to help you, here are some IPL betting strategies that could be used for any T20 game worldwide.

Take on Markets that are Over/UnderIn T20 cricket, One of the most frequent bets is to guess how many runs the batting team can make. These bets come in various designs and shape The most well-known is the “Over/Under Runs in the first six overs and during the innings.

In the initial six overs of the powerplay, just two fielders are allowed to be situated beyond the 30-yard circle. Therefore, the batting team has to play hammers and thongs. In this scenario, it is advisable to support them to score more than the planned runs. However, fielders start to retreat once the powerplay ends, and batters generally are more cautious, so the runs begin to dry up. When this occurs (and if the batting team has lost one or two wickets), it’s best to place bets on them scoring at the lower end of the bookie’s run line.

Utilize Team Composition to Your Benefit

One of the most critical aspects of an IPL betting strategy and betting strategies for cricket, in general, is to comprehend the structure of both teams that take the field. Also, it is essential to analyze the mini head-to-head rivalries that occur in every game. For instance, generally, it’s hard to beat a bowler who can spin in a direction away from the batter’s body. Therefore, a right-handed player is more comfortable playing off-spin. At the same time, a left-handed batter uses leg-spin bowling to its advantage.

The idea is to look for tiny differences in both teams and then bet in line with these differences. For instance, you can look for a game between a left-handed batsman and a leg spinner or the big hitter that can quickly clear any stadium.

Beware of Early Wickets

Another important IPL betting technique. When playing T20 cricket, the most important thing to getting a huge score is to avoid losing early wickets. Thus, a couple of wickets lost in the powerplay’s overscan create an absolute helter-skelter scenario. In live betting, it’ll be sensible to put your money on the batting team to make a withdrawal within the next few overs when the batsmen have stabilized the boat and odds are going down.

Be aware of Gaps in the Play

We are talking about the two time-outs strategically placed in an event. The bowling team has to be able to take it from the 6th to ninth over, while the batting team must choose one between the 13th and 16.

The mandatory time-outs for strategic reasons of two and a half minutes each are difficult as they can impede the pace of play, especially for the batting team. If play resumes, batters are often unable to maintain their concentration. They may commit a blunder that can lead to a wicket that could not have occurred at worse times.

With the IPL strategy for betting, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of the chance to take the chance to win with Live betting websites and applications.

Know the place

While this is a standard cricket betting method, we strongly recommend that you do not ignore it.

Be aware that every venue is not constructed precisely the same. The bigger the stadium (in terms of square and linear boundary dimensions), the more difficult it will be for batsmen to make those vast sixes from the park.

For instance, India’s Feroz Shah Kotla is the most minor cricketing stadium in playing space. It has an unstraight 60m, and the square boundary is just 56 metres. This means there are more runs straight and honest on the pitch.

You should be watching out for other things in addition, such as how the team that bats second has performed at the field, mainly whether it’s a wicket with a good batting surface or if the pitch is better suited to speed or spin. Thanks to the country’s top website for analysis of cricket that you can quickly locate and utilize this information for your benefit.

Cricket Betting Strategy: Key Takeaways

We recommend that you start slow and steady, focusing on the following tips about how you can win at betting on cricket.

  • The first thing to do is to be in control and be responsible throughout the day.
  • Learn about the cricket betting options that you’ve never seen before.
  • Use Live cricket scores websites or apps to receive live updates of ongoing matches in real-time.
  • To understand the way each strategy for betting on cricket works, try a few dry tests (without placing bets with real money), then proceed only when you are confident.
  • Continuously monitoring your performance will give you valuable insight into whether your strategy for betting on cricket is paying off or if you be more successful with a different, better, more profitable betting strategy.
  • Monitoring can help you determine where the losses might be and help you eliminate them.
  • Keep track of bets that you’re playing in, the tournaments you’re betting on, and your winnings (we suggest using an excel spreadsheet). This will help you determine whether you typically win more in a specific tournament or if a particular format (ODI Test, T20s, etc.) will work for you better.
  • Find out about welcome offers or bonus bets that you can utilize for your benefit.
  • When funding your account at a betting site, make sure you select the safest and most widely employed bet payment method.

Note: When you’re watching your team of choice on the field, unite in supporting them and your loved ones and friends. Let it all out, and wear all your emotions on your sleeves. However, when you put on the punter’s hat, keep your feelings in check. If you desire to master any strategy for betting on cricket, ensure that you are impartial and objective in your plan.

Cricket Betting Strategy FAQs

Can I place more bets with cricket betting strategies?

Absolutely. That’s the reason each strategy is made for helping you win. If you can combine the strategies of betting on cricket with some top top match prediction websites and apps, then even more effective. Be aware that sports betting, no matter how dependent on skill, relies on luck. It’s because even though you can master your plan, it’s impossible to accurately predict what will happen in a game.

Is there a standard method to choose the most effective method to bet on cricket?

No, there’s not. There are many strategies which each is designed to perform differently. We have covered every one of them earlier in the article we will try to be able to answer your question quickly whatever cricket strategy that you select is one that will perform for you (and not be a substitute for any other system that is used often).

How do you win betting on the cricket – what’s the best strategy?

You should keep track of the sport as closely as you can to be able to understand the nuances of it. Who are the most popular runners? Who has many wickets? Who has the best 6 hitting prowess? Who can consistently deliver consistent performance every time? Learn about the different betting markets, take advantage of bonus bets and free bets and spot odds with high value and you’ll be successful

Which bookmakers would you recommend I use to implement the cricket betting strategy?

In the beginning of this article, we’ve looked at betting websites where you could put your strategy to make use of. In addition you could also test one betting apps for India’s betting on cricket apps to bet on your favorite team or player by using any of the betting strategies we have discussed in this article.

Cricket Betting Advice Final Word

As you may have guessed, every strategy for betting on cricket is a mix of strengths and weaknesses. Whatever plan you choose to implement must be in line with your goals and based on whether you intend to make instant cash or continue to win small amounts over a lengthy time.

We hope that by following this guide, you’ll be more aware of how you can win cricket betting. Remember that some strategies are riskier than others (but they also pay more), and some are safer, but they do give you instant cash. But If you take the time to look around for the best odds, stay up to date with the sport, understand the betting markets, and then learn the best cricket betting strategies that will substantially increase your odds of winning.