We’ll walk you through the whole procedure on this page, including the in-depth details of betting on cricket betting app, from choosing bookmakers and placing your bets an your favorite cricket betting app. Therefore, increase your padding for the chance to win!

If you believe that cricket betting is simply about adding money into your account, picking the odd, and placing the wager, you are entirely wrong. Several steps can help you make winning cricket bets on the cricket betting app you selected.

We will walk you through the most crucial points you must remember to know efficiently how to bet on cricket online though your app. If you are a professional or novice, this guideline is for all bettors:

Know the basics of the Game

Whatever the sport is, it is vital to understand the rules and how to play the sport, since it is essential to be closer to win our bets on cricket or generally sports betting.

Cricket is a diversified sport that has seen significant changes throughout the years. Rules have changed numerous times, New formats have been introduced, and its popularity has grown to an unprecedented extent.

It is essential to consider various variables before placing bets on any cricket game. Below, we have laid out the most crucial elements that will allow you to choose the best betting options.

Factors that Influence the Bet


In the golden age cricket was played all day long as every team had more than 100 runs per day. This is similar to the present style of cricket in Test cricket. In the beginning in cricket, the term “over” required 8 legal delivery. As time passed new formats and regulations were introduced and the over was reduced to six legal delivery for all forms. In this chapter, we’ll look at the various formats used in Professional cricket here, as well as a some of the rules that apply to them.

The three forms that cricket takes place:

  • Test cricket is the most enduring format in which teams play in five-day matches. It is the most authentic cricket format and is a test of endurance for the teams to their maximum.
  • ODI: One-day international or the ODI game is a limited-overs match with 50 overs in an innings played on one day. In contrast to Test matches, in which the game is finished before the time that the evening begins, ODI matches are played throughout the day and night time.
  • T20 is Also known as 20-20. 20-20 is the fastest format for cricket. It has just twenty overs per innings and was just introduced in 2003.

The reason why it is crucial to understand what format it is?

Consider, for instance, the records for 2021 in England. England is enjoying a great time in all formats and has also won numerous games against various teams. So, it is safe to be confident of a successful result by England regardless of the form.

However, not all teams do very well in all formats. Each sports team is unique in a specific style. Bangladesh is not a good Test team and does best in T20s and limited-overs. However, Sri Lanka performs better in Tests than in limited-overs cricket.

It is essential to be aware of these format fundamentals to increase your ability to make bets.

Team Players

To learn how you can bet on cricket, it is essential to understand the statistics of performance and the players’ strengths in the team. Be sure to keep yourself informed of statistics such as the percentage of strikers, the average scoring, and the batting partnership for batsmen. For bowlers, be aware of the economy and the wickets they take.

Cricket is a game in which tables can change quickly, but knowing who the players are can help you predict the outcome better to bet on the match in a calculated manner. This betting method increases your odds of winning as you place bets based on the performance of players instead of shooting blindly.


The stadium or the pitch is crucial in determining the final score and the number of wickets you can anticipate from the Game.

The goal score won’t be too high if it’s a black-soil pitch since these pitches favour bowlers, specifically spinners. If a pitch is grass cover, it favours batsmen and pacers. The grass aids them with bounce and speed needed for quick wickets and batsmen since they can utilize bounce to hit some boundaries and record a great record score.

H2H Record & Past Performances

One of the best methods to place bets with a high probability is to study how the teams have performed in H2H (head-to-head) results between groups and analyze their past performance.

H2H records reveal the number of matches played between teams and the number of games each side has won.

It’s simple to find the statistics and data online. If you follow some steps to research, the data should help you develop the best betting strategies.

What is the maximum amount of money you can Bet ?

There isn’t any physical exchange of money when you are betting, and adding funds is quick and a breeze. If you decide to start betting with an established limit, you may be spending more than you prefer. This is why it is crucial to determine how much you will be able to use for betting.

The most important thing to remember when gambling is that you should not depend on betting to earn money. Always enter the betting arena only with the maximum amount of money. In the event of losing it, it will not alter your lifestyle or requirements.

Set the Limit

Take your entire wager to be risk-free money. You should set a limit you do not wish to go over in your betting activities. It is essential to establish these limits as impulsive gambling to make up for lost bets could negatively impact your financial health.

Setting limits allows you to have a fun gambling experience without being stressed about losing more money than you could afford to lose.

The majority of most reliable cricket betting websites in India permit gamblers to set a bet limit in their wallets to reduce the risk of addiction and promote healthy betting habits that conform to the security measures outlined by gambling authorities.

Always conduct a pre-match analysis of teams.

Additionally, in addition to reviewing the previous performance and records of H2H, Always conduct an analysis of the match before the game starts. Look over some forecasts for the weather to determine the intensity of dew and the rain forecast. Both of these variables influence the strategy for the Game and the selection of toss for the teams. They also can assist you in winning while betting.

Also, keep an eye on the players’ squads as it’s usually made public just one or two days before the Game, or it is announced on the actual day of the Game.

There could be abrupt lineup changes due to the weather, injury to the practice team or tactical changes. For example, in the event of a T20 game that is scheduled to take place in a city with a coastline in the winter months and the introduction of other pacers is an indication that the team is likely to decide to bowl when it is determined to toss.

This is because beaches are prone to the dew effect in the evening, particularly during the winter months. The dew can reduce the ball’s swing, meaning winners with a high-speed attack tend to bowl first.

Shortlist Betting Sites

One essential error rookies make when learning to place bets on cricket betting app is not signing up with the correct bookmakers. You must examine a variety of elements before choosing the bookmakers you prefer.

It is advised to sign up with more than one betting website to get the best odds across the various websites. A single site cannot offer the most competitive odds across all the betting markets on cricket, So having several accounts is beneficial.

The five betting websites listed above are famous for their highest-quality wagering odds, transactions security and support for customers. You are guaranteed of having a fantastic time at these websites and enjoy some excellent cricket betting!

These are essential points you need to be aware of when choosing a betting site:

  • Affiliations and Registrations

Ensure that the site is licensed by a government agency and associated with a gaming commission. You can check for this information in the lower part of the website or within the About Us section.

It is crucial to only work with licensed bookmakers since they are legitimately present and are accountable to their customers in a fraud or payment failure. Non-registered betting websites do not have this responsibility and can shut down and steal funds.

  • Secure and convenient payment environment

Check out this section about the steps to deposit to determine the payment methods recognized by bookmakers. Find out if it accepts all of the top betting methods to ensure you can choose from various options if one choice isn’t working for you. Many gamblers also prefer the option of making a small deposit.

To ensure security for payments, check if the website is secured with an SSL certificate (HTTPS) and complies with the encryption protocols when processing payments. These are typically mentioned in the payment section. If they are not, call the bookmaker to confirm the information.

Also, glance at procedures for withdrawing to determine whether the process does not require any formalities that could delay the payment. Many betting websites include vague terms for withdrawal to hold payments until the end of their term.

  • Varieties of Betting Markets

Make sure you choose betting sites that offer a wide array of markets for betting for cricket and other sports. The ability to bet on more markets broadens the betting spread and increases the odds of winning.

  • Customer Support

It is not uncommon to encounter an error or glitch while betting. Betting sites that offer 24/7 customer support can resolve your issues faster and assist you in placing your bets in peace.

After you’ve chosen and registered with betting websites, check the odds on various websites before making your wagers. Comparing odds will not only aid in identifying the best odds, but it also increases the odds of winning if you happen to have a chance to win.

Choose Your Betting Markets

Cricket is among the sports that are most watched around the world. Add the excitement of the game, and you’ve got a myriad of betting markets that you can choose from. Betting sites also create new odds for tournaments that keep their players engaged and entertained.

Here are some of the most popular cricket betting options:

  • Top batsman
  • Match winner
  • Player of the Match
  • Over/underscore
  • The majority of wickets

Create a list of pre-match and In-Play Bets

You must be aware of the types of bets available for betting in-play in-play betting and what belongs to the pre-match section. Explore the odds and the definitions, then make an outline of both categories. These lists can help you save time and help ensure that you don’t lose any good betting.

Outline a Strategy

A strategy doesn’t mean you must make a complicated graph of the odds calculations or winning odds. But, you must have a bet on a cricket plan that defines the limits of your betting and the method of betting, for instance, when and when not to withdraw money.

It should also outline the steps you will take should the match not go as per your plan. For instance, are you going to take the money out of the Game or wait until the end result? It must also provide options for what you will do if the outcome doesn’t happen exactly as you thought; do you add more cash or keep betting on the same odds?

A strategy can provide clarity of thought and make a good bet.

Place Bets

After you’ve decided on the betting website and bets, what else?

Select the odds and place the bets. Check out the Game to see the way things play out.

Make sure your wallet is ready.

Once you’ve decided on a wager limitation, load your wallet with your chosen amount before the game starts. The ability to load your wallet before the Game helps you save time during the Game and reduces the possibility of your payment not getting completed due to a technical issue.

You can also check for any bonus or deposit promotions when you deposit funds in advance. The wallet is loaded during the Game, which leaves you with no time to research offers since the sole focus of your attention will focus on placing bets.

Be careful not to fill your bank account with more than your due amount. The extra money you have in your betting account is a waste of money and could lead you to gamble that isn’t warranted that isn’t an ideal way to live.

Create a personal tracker to monitor all your wagers

It is essential to keep an eye on all bets on the match to modify the amount bet or take cash out as you need to. This is crucial when placing bets on different betting sites. It can also help you ensure that you haven’t failed to make any bets.

Here are a few steps to assist you in preparing the basic betting tracker sheet. You can add or eliminate columns based on your needs.

Here are a few columns you might want to add to your sheet for tracking

  • Event
  • Bookie
  • Input the amount
  • Odds
  • Cash-out availability
  • Bet amount

The column for events is helpful for those who want to place their bets on different games simultaneously. The bookie column can save time when you go through all of your bet slips to find the bookie on which you put your money down.

Most importantly, to have an accurate image of the amount you’ve already invested in your bets. This information is displayed in column H (if you are successful) and column I (if you lose). Column K will show the result of your bet. The amount you won will be shown in column L. Other than column L, the other columns are based on using the Excel sum function and the standard multiplication.

Column L uses an IF function, and its formula is shown in the picture (directed via the red Arrow). The sheet can track bets of ‘n’ and is highly effective in monitoring basic-structured bets.

The cash-out available column can determine which bets you can cancel if things go south. Good luck tracking!

Review Your Performance and Make Improvements

Betting doesn’t end when you play. You must track your betting results and analyze what did well and what didn’t. Be aware of these factors when you make your next bet and keep improving your performance in betting.

You could also check out posts on post-match analysis from websites that cover cricket and review their analysis methods to determine if you are conducting your research of matches and deciding on bets correctly.

Utilize Betting Offers

It doesn’t matter if playing in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, the USA or the UK. Every country offers its players (especially new players) the best betting opportunities, a significant aspect of the betting experience online. Bookmakers are constantly coming up with new betting deals or promotions that draw bettors in and give them the chance to have a great time online.

First deposit bonuses and bonus bets are among the most well-known cricket betting offers offered by all of the major betting sites. Don’t bet on these offers!

How do I bet On Cricket app FAQs?

Is there a minimum age in cricket betting?

There isn’t a specific age limit for betting on cricket in general. As with other forms of gambling, each bettor must be at least 18 years old.

Can I add multiple bets to a betting slip?

Yes, absolutely. Most cricket betting websites allow you to place an ‘n’ amount of bets to the same bet slip.

How do I use the cash-out option?

In specific markets betting bookmakers allow you to close your bet before the outcome is announced in a particular percentage of the chance. This is known as”cash out. It will enable you to close bets that you believe that you are not likely to win as the Game progresses and helps you avoid huge losses.

Which are the top betting sites for cricket?

We’ve already talked about the top five betting on cricket websites at the start of this blog. If you’d like to narrow the list, even more, bet365, 10CRIC and 888sport are included in our list of top 3 cricket betting websites.

Do mobile apps offer the same experiences as websites?

Apps for mobile are the next frontier in cricket betting app, and betting websites are taking special care in the development and design of their applications. The majority of top bookmakers have mobile applications. The experience when using them is just as seamless and healthy as the website provides. Several mobile apps offer a live streaming service for cricket games.

Cricket Betting Apps for Suggestion

Suppose you’ve learned how to place bets for cricket on the internet. In that case, you can register yourself with a reliable bookmaker to begin your online betting journey!

When deciding on odds, be sure to select worth over all other factors. Be secure, be safe!