Once in a lifetime there comes an individual who selflessly serves the community without expecting anything in return. One such individual is Rakesh Kumar Yadav, the unsung hero of Indian sports, who has been silently working behind the scenes and has been pivotal to launch the careers pf several aspiring athletes, who had difficulty in purchasing gear, to be able to competitively continue in their respective sporting disciplines.

Born in Balia, Uttar Pradesh. Rakesh was an aspiring cricketer himself but could not fulfil his ambition because of financial constraints, Rakesh was fortunate enough to get work with Puma India, and moved to Bangalore, It is here that he encountered several elite athletes, in dire need of equipment and from then on Rakesh made a sound decision to help athletes at the grassroots level, as he felt these athletes could be moulded onto superstars if given the right opportunity.

In 2019 Rakesh opened his Dream Sports Academy in Banaras, to help support Underprivllaged youth and help give them a fair shot in life through equal opportunities, Rakesh is all set to open his second academy in Chitrakoot. Rakesh’s sole aim is to make India into a global powerhouse in sports and turn Indian athletes in household names globally.

Yuvraj & Rakesh

Rakesh’s exploits have managed to earn him recognition from the PUMA Global Head Mr Bjorn Gulden and he has also been fortunate enough to have worked with global superstars such as Usain Bolt, Virat Kohli among others.

Today we are fortunate enough to have India’s unsung hero the man himself Rakesh Kumar Yadav.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Rakesh Kumar Yadav, from Balia, Uttar Pradesh. I live in Bangalore and have been working for Puma since 2012, am a huge sports enthusiast

How did you get into this field?

Well since my childhood I was very fond of sports, I was either at the ground playing or watching sports on TV. During my schooling most of my time was spent at ground participating in sports. Due to scarcity in finances, I was not able to be an athlete but yes I choose to stay with sports through Association with puma India.

How did you identify the need of athletes you support?

When I met a few athletes in Bangalore, who were struggling to meet their basic needs like not having access to grounds, purchasing jerseys and sports equipment were a luxury to them. I came to know yes that’s the person need support. I used to get loads of messages on Instagram from the athletes around the globe to help. I first checked their curiosity and dedication for the sport than I came forward and do as much as possible from my end.

You have been helping athletes using your own money at times, not many people would do that, what drives you to do this?

Because during my time I went through all these things. So i have firsthand experince and know what its like to struggle. When i help the needy,it’s gives me immense happiness and pleasure. The Thing that’s drives me to help, it is that my dream to see Indian athletes in the top of the table.

Among the athletes you have worked with how many have gone on to represent India?

Sachin baby , Shubham, U19 india Priyam, Aryan Juyal, women’s Harleen ,Shafali
There are many athletes who is currently in national teams.

Tell us the cricketers that have been lucky enough to be your benefactors?

I can’t say them lucky, because I don’t feel so I did so much that I can be a part of the credit. Though many of them say that “bro without you it’s won’t be possible”. I take all things very positive and keep my passion to support the needy young laid.

Thank you for your time, we do hope and wish you continue to grow and may the almighty keep blessing you abundantly.