From being a ball boy and playing cricket with maize cobs, to reach the world cup semi-finals, It is my pleasure to talk with the Paceman from Kenya Peter Ongondo, as he shares his inspiring story of his cricketing journey.

Thank you Peter for taking your time to do this interview.

Ongondo In action

Peter, tell us a little about yourself?

It all started after watching and acting as a ball boy and a scorer at Sir Ali Muslim Club, I mostly played street cricket which improved my game.

Working out during a net session

As a youngster what made you take up cricket?

I took up cricket after watching players like Martin Odumbe who lived in the same estate, as kids we use to watch them play with maize cobs and later tennis balls.

Good Old Days touring with the national team

Who was your inspiration growing up?

Martin Odumbe and jazraj warah and at international scene Cultry ambrose and Courtney Walsh

What was it like being a part of Kenya cricket’s golden generation?

I wore the Kenyan colours with pride and it made me learn a lot just from interacting with people from different countries and culture. Made lots of friends and it improved my life.

With the Team during the 2011 world cup in india

What is your greatest memory of cricket?

Making it to the 2003 semi-finals where I got Virender Sehwag out and if I could pick two beating Sri Lanka in the same World Cup was out of this world.

 Kenya was the top associate country in cricket, What went wrong with the cricket there?

I mostly think the development of future players took backstage and the cricket fraternity as a whole planned short term.

What is being done to restore the game back to its former glory?

To be honest, it will take longer to go back to glory days unless we pull together and have the same dream at the moment stakeholders are pulling in different directions the facilities are in dire need of change we have increased the number of cricketers but not the number of playing surface/clubs nor stadiums, To be on safe side another 6 years as for sure talent not lacking.

What are you up to these days?

Coaching the age groups from 12 years to 19.

If you could name one player past or present alongside with, who would you love to play with?

Courtney Walsh and Virat Kohli

How do you define success?

Success for me is not repeating the same mistake, If you improve on the negatives you are already successful.