You may be forgiven for confusing him as one of the boys in the changing rooms, but in fact, he is one of the youngest coaches in world cricket, at such a young age he has proved that he has what it takes to be right up there in the big boys club, having won five titles in his first six seasons as a coach, it seems whatever this coach does turns to gold, today I have the pleasure to have with me the coach with the Golden touch Heinrich Malan.

Hi Hienrich, Tell us a little about yourself?

Originally from South Africa but have lived in New Zealand for the last 7 years. Family man, married to Jana with 3 beautiful kids – a daughter and 2 boys.     

Coach Malan and his lovely family

How did you get into Cricket? 

My family grew up next to the sports field (cricket and rugby) as my dad played both sports. This played a huge part in us getting exposed to these sports from a young age on a very regular basis.

Mentoring the Blackcaps Players

You went into coaching at a fairly young age, what made you go into coaching that young? 

I was always on the bubble of playing or not getting selected for 1st class cricket. There were some serious players around when I tried “making it as a pro-cricketer”. I was fortunate to work at the University of Pretoria at the same time and had the opportunity to coach full-time and took that with both hands when I stopped playing in 2007.

At work with the blackcaps

You have been very successful as a coach, what is your ultimate goal as a coach? 

It’s very much a two-pronged approach: 

Just like the players we coach and work with; the ultimate goals is to coach at the highest level 

For the players that we work with to leave our environment as better cricketers and more rounded people. 

What has been your most memorable moment in Cricket?

I have been very fortunate over my coaching career to see various players make their debuts at first-class and international cricket, win trophies and share changing rooms with incredibly talented cricketers. Most rewarding though has been seeing young boys who became men with them having graduated from school, families, bonds, etc now. 

Winning the Burger King Super Smash with Central districts

  What player have you enjoyed coaching the most? 

I have been incredibly lucky to work with some of the biggest stars in world cricket (Mahela Jayawardena, Ross Taylor, Martin Guptill, Colin Munro) to name a few which was and is a real privilege. Just as rewarding as working with young players and seeing them grow as people and cricketers.    

Sharing his wisdom

You are one of the youngest coaches in world Cricket, what advice would you give to youngsters starting out in their career? 

Be true to who you are, C.A.S.E (copy and steal everything you can from coaching around you) but ensure you make that intel applicable to the players that are in front of you and have fun. 

If you had an opportunity to coach a player past or present who would it be? 

That’s a very good question……. There are way too many players who I would love to throw balls to and share a change-room with and learn from. Hopefully, I get some opportunities to do so soon!