As we know, the ICC Cricket world cup will commence next year in 2023. The excitement has already started increasing among millions of cricket fans. On the internet, there is a common question about which teams have qualified for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The International Cricket Council have taken in front a list of qualified teams in the ODI World cup next year.

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India is confirmed to host the entire season after 12 long years of waiting. The tournament is supposed to be taken place in October-November of 2023. So, for the Indians, it is a good opportunity to witness the matches live at stadiums. However, let’s see the names of the teams who have qualified for the one-day international cricket world cup.

Teams for ODI World Cup 2023:

ICC World Cup is usually a cricket competition that is played among ten national teams. It is the highest cricket competition that the ICC organizes, where scoring top might be beneficial for the teams in their international reputations. There is a process through which teams enlist their names to play the qualifiers for ICC World Cup. It is a two-year cycle where each of the teams will get a chance to play 24 matches. Here winning matches will be treated with 10 points, whereas making a tie will make 5.

Apart from the host country India there are also six countries that have already qualified for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. They are Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Remarkably Afghanistan is the last qualified team till the last update by ICC. They qualified after their last ODI match against Sri Lanka a few days ago in 2022. Although the match got abandoned because of an unwanted natural calamity, it went in favour of Afghanistan. However, in the World Cup Super League list, India stands first with 134 points, whereas England, New Zealand and Australia hold the next stands with 125, 125, and 120 points. Bangladesh and Pakistan are in the same place with 120 points, and Afghanistan holds 115 points.

The entrance of Afghanistan in the ICC-qualified list for next year’s event drove Sri Lanka on a thread for their existence in the ODI World Cup 2023. There are also two iconic cricket teams who are also worried about their qualification in the competition next year- South Africa and West Indies. Surprisingly, apart from the 12 test-playing country teams, there is a new addition to the World Cup Super League. It is team Netherlands. So, ten teams will play ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 accordingly.

India is preparing a packed-up squad for the next year’s biggest event. Rohit Sharma is supposed to be the captain, whereas Kohli, KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Md Shami might be added as the other players. The other teams are also preparing their top players for the ODI World Cup. Last year India had to face an unexpected loss In ICC World Cup 2019 in England. We saw England lift the cup, finally defeating Kane Williamson’s New Zealand. In the world cup 2015, Australia achieved the cup, winning the tournament against the Black Caps again. This time, all the teams are preparing with their players with tight exercise and a dedicated mentality.

Format for ICC World Cup 2023:

As we said before, ten teams will be there to compete with each other. The format will remain the same as the last played ODI world cup matches. All the teams will be playing one match with each other in the Round-Robin stage. Then four teams will be selected, considering their points that will depend on their previous performances. Those four teams will face semi-finals, and two of them will qualify for the grand finale.

This will be the first ODI world cup that will be hosted completely in India. Originally the tournament was supposed to be held between February and March. But due to some urgent reason, it has been moved to November 2023. The teams who still need to qualify might get a chance to fulfil their desire in the qualifier matches next year. The qualifier event is going to be held in Zimbabwe at the beginning of 2023. A few teams also played hard to qualify for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. These countries are Nepal, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Hongkong, Kenya, Uganda, Singapore, Bermuda, etc. But unfortunately, they could not make enough points to qualify for the ODI World Cup.

Bottom lines:

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is surprisingly a heating-up event for ODI cricket lovers. It might be the last ODI format world cup for some legendary cricketers, and that will disappoint some of us.