Cricket is something that is one of the most popular sports all around the world. It has millions of supporters and thousands of inspiring cricketers. Such four inspiring icons are Joe Root, Virat Kohli, Steve Smit and not the least, Kane Williamson. They are together known as the ‘FAB four’ or the fabulous four in the world of cricket. However, test cricket is counted as a format where players present a classic cricket. It is quite tough to play a hundred run-innings in test cricket so easily. These four international crackers successfully scored centuries in their cricketing test career. Here we will see that among these four, who stands first with how many centuries? Let’s look at the analysis related to these four cricketers and their international test careers.

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‘FAB four’ with test centuries:

The ‘FAB four’ indicates four famous names – Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson. Even till the last of 2021, the scene was something else where King Kohli was leading with 27 test centuries. But suddenly, Root started dominating the list of these four in the middle of 2022. Now, you can look at the list of their test centuries and total test runes that they have achieved throughout their career.

Steve Smith2010-2022298,381
Joe Root2012-20222810,600
Virat Kohli2011-2011278,074
Kane Williamson2010-2022247,368

Let’s proceed to the head-to-head analysis of these four cricketers and their test careers.

Steve Smith:

Steve Smith is a famous cricket icon with many Australian national cricket records. He holds 29 brilliant centuries in test cricket among these four. When he started his career, critics were amazed at his performance and thought he would break all the previous records. Their predictions mostly became true as Steve has successfully broken many national and international cricket records in all three cricket formats. Although in a period of his peak career, he went through some controversial penalties, which is why he had to keep his distance from international cricket, he came back with more expertise. However, Smith has made 29 centuries in 88 test matches.

Joe Root:

English Joe Root, on the other side, has already crossed Smith’s total test runs. He has scored more than 10.5k runs within 28 test matches and thus takes second place among the four. Root has played 125 test matches since his debut in 2012. He got his first century in his test career against New Zeeland in 2013. His run was 104. His last test century came against India when he led team England as a captain. Mostly his centuries came against team India.

Regarding the venue, it’s England, where he got most of his international test cricket centuries. Joe Root’s remarkable innings of 142 unbeaten runs are counted as his 11th test century since 2021. In 2022 he has already done 5 test centuries.

Virat Kohli:

Indian cricket icon Virat has achieved 27 tons in his red-ball career till now. He started his career in 2011 and gradually scored his first hundred in 2012. It was an innings of 116 runs in 213 balls against Baggy Greens in Adelaide, Australia. His aggression over his passion made millions of cricket lovers fall for him. Kohli did his best test innings of unbeaten 254 runs from 336 balls in 2019. It was a match against South Africa when he showed his domination on the pitch and won the game played in Pune, India. His last test century came against Bangladesh in 2019. As we noticed, he led the other three FABs with 27 test centuries until the last of 2021. But unfortunately, his career has been driven the out of form, and thus he fell aside.

Kane Williamson:

Kane Williamson comes in the fourth position with all over 7,368 test runs and 24 centuries for his national cricket team. Critics say he is one of the gentlest cricketers that cricket has ever seen. Williamson did his first test cricket century against India, where he scored 131 runs. In 2020, he played his best test innings with 251 runs against West Indies, and it was his third last test century. He got his last First-class test century in January 2021 with 238 runs against Pakistan on his home ground.

Final words:

However, in this list of ‘FAB four’ cricketers, Steve Smith deserves the gold medal with the most test cricket centuries, whereas Virat Kohli asks for the bronze medal. Accordingly, Joe Roots and Kane Williamson come in second and fourth place on the list.