Young and Hungry meet the Scottish Knight Mark Watt.

Even the Vikings stayed away from the Scottish during the Norman conquests in the 13th century. The Scottish are known as brave and fearless people, a trait that has been carried onto the cricket field by the fine men representing Scotland. The man I have the pleasure to speak with today is a true Scottish warrior who has slowly but surely clawed his way as one of the top T20i bowlers since making his debut in 2016. This lad is a game-changer every time he gets to the ball, you can expect something special. The Scottish Knight Mark Watt.

Hi Mark tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a left-arm spinner for Scotland at the moment. The first sport I played was football and still love to go watch Heart Of Midlothian with my dad on the weekends. I’ve played for a few counties, Lancashire and Derbyshire and would love to get myself back down south to give it another go.

Plotting to take another wicket

What made you get into Cricket?

I played a lot of football when I was younger. We didn’t get any cricket in my school growing up but my dad played cricket on the weekend. When I was injured from football I used to go watch my dad play on the weekend, I started throwing and catching the ball and had good coordination and started playing in my dad’s team.

Another one hits the dust

Who was your Inspiration growing up?

I’ve never really had too many inspirations growing up. My dad was definitely one, even though he bowled right-arm fast and I am a left-arm spinner I would never have got into cricket if it weren’t for him. My favourite spinner to watch growing up was Daniel Vettori.

Since you made your Scotland debut you have been a Paramount figure to the team’s success, do you feel any pressure?

I only really feel pressure before games. It’s weird, I feel like all the pressure goes away when I have the ball in my hand. Although there are different kinds of pressure, I know there are players who can easily play ahead of me if I’m not up to my standards. So that is the kind of pressure I find harder, but know it’ll make me better and not be complacent. I do get very nervous when I’m waiting to bat and we’re chasing a score to win.

You are a Young Player with a bright future,what are your future goals?

My future goal is definitely to help Scotland get full member status. I’d love to be able to play around the world in T20 leagues and learn from the best players in the world. But my main objection is to play for Scotland and do well with them.

What’s your greatest memory in cricket?

I have two. On my 22nd birthday I was playing for a combined MCC team and I was walking out to bat with Jayawardena at lords.. it was pretty surreal.
And obviously beating the current World Cup holders England at the grange. Having such a great atmosphere at a cricket game in Scotland was just unbelievable.

Given a chance which past or present player would you love to play alongside?

I reckon I’d get on well with Flintoff, he was a quality player and has some brilliant stories of the game!

Scotland will be at the World cup,do you reckon we will see some upsets?

Absolutely. We’re a strong team and when we click I genuinely believe we can beat any team out there. We’re all very disappointed with the ICC decision to reduce the World Cup to 10 teams, but it’ll make it even more sweeter when we qualify.

Thank you, Mark, we do look forward to seeing you at the world cup giving your usual world-class performances, from the team best of luck to you and the rest of Team Scotland.