For every cricketer good equipment is paramount for their success on the field, lack of proper equipment will drastically curtail their performance, many of us in our cricketing lives must have come across a certain product from Omtex Sports because since 1969 they have been producing quality cricketing and other sporting wear.

Omtex Sports is one of the only companies that have made it their mission to help out schools and junior teams with kits at absolutely no cost, furthermore, they ensure players performing well are looked after properly. this is the type of initiative that has not only changed lives but has also created splendid careers, today I have the man behind it all, on the platform it’s my pleasure to chat with the man who makes it happen, Omtex Sports CEO Vijay Patel.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a very simple person and like almost every man I love sports, it can be cricket, football, hockey or kabaddi. I like to be the part of the action so every weekend you will find me on the field. I believe sports and fitness should be a part of everyone’s daily routine and I follow what I preach, so I make sure before I head to my office or factory I exercise. I love spending time with my family, so whenever time permits, we as family get on the field together to play. So, it’s not just my boys who play with me but also the women of my family, who do know to kick a football or hold a cricket bat.

Growing up who was your inspiration? 

My inspiration is and always has been my elder brother, Dilip Patel and ever since we were kids he has also been the closest to me. I remember as a kid and teenager I didn’t have to look afar for inspiration as my brother was always very dedicated and passionate about the things he did. Very early in his life, he was clear of his goals. He still has the same dedication and enthusiasm. We two brothers are workhorses and have maintained the same zeal throughout with Omtex Sports.

What made you start Omtex sports?

The foundation was laid down by my father Jivanbhai Patel in 1969 and in just 10 years Omtex Sports pioneered in making elastic jockstraps/supporters. The very aim of Omtex Sports when it started and still is to help the players become better. We saw the need of quality apparels and equipment in India. Even though India was rising in Cricket, hockey, football and other sports at the world stage, but they didn’t get the quality of apparels and training equipment they deserved. We took this initiative on us. We got the best of the best equipment required for our players to help them be better. Technology of International standards were used to make apparels for our players. Previously if you would want to buy cricket socks which is made up of merino wool, you will have to buy it from England but now our players do not have to buy from overseas and is easily available from us, right here in India. 

How old is Omtex Sports now?

Omtex Sports was started in 1969. We recently celebrated our Golden Jubilee in 2019. So it’s been 50 wonderful years of service for us.

Have Omtex Sports sponsored any International teams?

Apart from the Ranji Trophy Teams, we sponsor. We right now are sponsoring Uganda International Cricket Team and Kenya International Cricket Team.

Omtex sports is one of the only companies that supports youth teams and schools, what motivates you to do this?

We shower with praises and gifts on the players once they become national and international stars but we forget these stars were once kids/students. Providing them with quality apparels and equipment even at a younger age is very important. We made sure that our young players get the best of the best to wear and the best of the best equipment to practice. And apart from that, we wanted to fill the gap between a player and the quality of practice he/she receives, so we started our regular 3-5 days camp. Where a young player is exposed to great coaches and trainers, A coach of great reputation is not easily available, he is usually associated with big teams, but we make it possible through our camps. A player can come to our camp and learn the best from the best. We are motivated by the desire to give back to sports as much as possible. We want to fill in all the missing links and help players realize their potential and their dreams.

How do you define success?

To me, success is being with family and to be involved in sports and fitness. Success is also very subjective. Lot of people weigh success with money but that is not how it is supposed to be. If you are happy making 50000 dollars a year, you are a success. If you are happy living with your family country side, you are a success.

Thank you, Mr Patel, we from the team wish you the best for all your future endeavours.