“I don’t like Cricket,I love it”

Graham Gouldman British Singer

Cricket is a lifestyle for any cricket lover, once you’re in love with cricket it’s impossible to go back, from Australia to Pakistan, from India to West Indies you are bound to find a cricket lover across the globe.

While not all of us may be blessed to play at the top level, we all try to contribute to promote this beautiful game in every way we can. Today I have the pleasure of having on the cricketbettingapp.in platform the highly rated and one of the top young cricket journalist in the world The Cricket Host, Neel Khagram.

How did you get involved in cricket?

Cricket has always been a passion of mine, and my favourite sport. I played at a decent standard at school and had Middlesex County trials as a teenager. However, I was not good enough to make the grade to the next level!

You are the founder of Cricket Life Stories, how did you come up with such a brilliant idea?

I am a cricket fan to the core and always thought that I would gain great enjoyment from hearing cricketing tales, on a regular basis, on one platform. 

The idea stemmed from this, and I have been extremely lucky to meet and interview numerous players and coaches for my channel.   

Posting on Youtube has enabled Cricket Life Stories getting instantly published worldwide, what are the responses you are getting?

The feedback for the most part has been positive. I am having a lot of fun with the channel, which is the main thing. 

Are you planning to release Cricket Life Stories on podcasts, for people who would love to listen to the show while driving or going for walk etc?

Once the channel grows to a certain level, the plan is to convert past interviews, along with all futures pieces, into audio format so that these can be listened as a podcast. 

Your Style of interviewing is unique, in that you don’t interrupt your guest and let them complete their sentences, where did you learn that?

I have not tried to base my ‘style’ on anyone. The channel is about my guests, and their stories, and all I do is try to ask the right questions for them to share their tales.

If given the chance who would you love to interview the most?

Good question! There are so many, but perhaps from the modern era it would be Alex Hales. So much has been said and written about him, and I would love to get his side of the story.

How do you define success?

For this channel in particular, the more fun I am having, the greater the success. The moment things become a chore, it will be the time to pack things up.

Thank you again Neel for this fantastic chat,from the cricketbettingapp.in team we wish you all the best,looking forward to seeing your work in the future.