A francophonie Speaking country Situated in West Africa along the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean. a country renowned for its resorts and rain forest, It is a hub for tourists.

Despite the country producing football stars like Yaya Toure and Didier Drogba.

Cricket is gaining popularity amongst the youngsters, and a full-fledged league is also being played there too.

Today I am delighted to chat with Ivory coast Player Coach Mr Dosso Issiaka.


Hi, Isiaka tell us a little about yourself?

my name is Dosso Issiaka, I’m the national cricket coach of Côte d’Ivoire.

I am also the coach of Cricket gold club, we were champions of the 2018 Ivorian cricket league ICL.

How did you get into cricket?

My Involvement in cricket was at the invitation of the president of the Ivorian federation (F.IV.C) of cricket Mesieu Dosso Mekrokro when he wanted to implant cricket in ivory coast.

How long has cricket been played in Ivory Coast?

The first time any kind of cricketing activity took place in Ivory Coast, was on the 23rd of August 2014.

Ivory Coast is fairly new in the cricketing world have you played any international cricket games?

We have submitted a file to the ICC for the recognition of our federation we are currently awaiting a response.

thus haven’t played international competitions.

we created a tournament with mali and burkina faso which was to take place in burkina faso in july.

but considering the COVID-19 the tournament has been postponed.

What kind of structures do you have to ensure the development of the game in Ivory Coast?

we have Introduced cricket in primary and secondary schools.

We have also created training spaces in certain neighbourhoods in the cities, Abidjan, Bassam and Aboisso.

Do you have an Ivorian Cricket league?

Yes we have a cricket league called I.C.L Ivorian Cricket League,

That includes 9 senior teams, A junior boys and girls league aswell.

Does the national team have any sponsors?

The national team does not yet have a sponsor,we have launched requests for sponsorship.

About to go play a match

Anyone reading this who would like to sponsor our team,we would be forever greatful.

Where do you see cricket in Ivory Coast in the next five years?

We would like the game to spread around the country and have an established national team.

Ivory Coast still don’t have a national team jersey sponsor

What is your greatest cricketing memory?

In 2017 I was chosen by the Ivorian cricket federation (F.IV.C) to go train trainers in Burkina Faso

And a special mention to Mr Darren Talbot who makes material donations every year, that enables us to continue playing.

We would like to wish Mr Issiaka and cricket Ivory Coast all the very best,and hope to see them play on the international stage.