Growing up without parents and having limited resources, he took up cricket as a way of taking his mind off his situation, and also a way of making him happy, little did he know that the very thing that makes him happy would one day become his bread and butter, and he would end up representing his country because of it. today I have the man who fought the odds stacked against him and made a name for himself, on I have Turai Muzarabani.

Hey mate tell us how did you first get into cricket?

I started playing cricket at chengu primary school in Highfield, it was a way of making myself happy since I grew up without parents.

Who was your inspiration growing up?

My inspiration was my grandmother who did everything in her power for me to be called a father today.

You did get a call up to the Zimbabwe national team and played a couple T20s and ODIs, how come you didn’t represent them again yet your domestic form was impeccable?

I played 17 international games for Zimbabwe and I believe I did a decent job, they kept chopping and changing coaches that’s why I didn’t further my international career because every coach hunts with his dogs.

If given a chance what player past or present would you love to play alongside with?

Current player I would love to play with is Virat Kohli he’s out of this world with him on my side u are guaranteed to win more matches, past player is Mohommad Asif he was just phenomenon with the ball in his hand.

What is your greatest cricketing memory?

Getting called to play my first international game against India, from my home couch.

How would you define success?

Is to help others to reach their goals.

Turai currently plies his trade down under, we wish him all the best in his career there.