He made his debut in 1996 but was cut from the team, one never to give up, he came back stronger and was a World cup winner in 1999, A hard-hitting all-rounder, he captained the New south wales team in 2001/02 for the Pura Cup.

A man of many talents, he was a key member of the Rock band Six & Out, and more recently is a host of a very successful podcast “LUNCH WITH LEE” on cricketbettingapp.in It’s my pleasure to have a chat with Shane Lee.

Hi, Shane tell us how did you get into cricket?

Through a mate a school. Started at 10 and loved it.

Growing was there any sibling rivalry regarding cricket, between you and your brothers?

We played every day in the backyard. and yes it was competitive. Hard and fair.

Who was your inspiration growing up?

Ian Botham. Dennis Lillie. My dad.

What has been your greatest memory as a cricketer?

Playing my first match for Australia, Winning the 1999 world cup at lords, and of course playing with Brett together.

You made your Australia debut a couple of years before your brother Brett, how was it like having to play alongside him for one the strongest cricket teams the world has ever seen?

It was an amazing team, I am very proud to be part of that generation,it’s an experience I will cherish forever.

You, of course, played alongside Aussie legends, if given a chance what player past or present would you love to play alongside with?

Viv Richards 

You are a member of the group Six and out, do you guys still get together and perform a few gigs?

Every now and then for charity. It’s great fun

I have been curious for many years to get an answer for this? in the music video “Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw” you had Brett featuring as a high school student trying out for the school’s team, What age group was brett doing his tryouts with?

:)) under 10s I think

More recently you started a Podcast “Lunch with Lee” tell us what that podcast is all about?

It’s about my 3 passions in life. Sport. .music and business with a focus on men’s health. 

How would you define success?

Completing a task and knowing you have given it 100% 

In the wake of this recent pandemic the world is facing, what words of wisdom do you have for our readers?

Take this time to reaccess what is important to you. Health. Family and your relationships