Not Many Coaches in world cricket can boast of the unique accolades this man has achieved, one of the most successful coaches in cricket, so many legends of the modern game have benefitted immensely under his tutelage, he has seen it all, he is the man responsible for leading Sri Lanka to their first and only world cup triumph in 1996, he is the man who led then newcomers Bangladesh to their first test victory in 2005, in his tenure as Pakistan head coach he led them to the Asia cup triumph in 2012, besides his international coaching success he was also coach of the KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS, today I have the immense pleasure of speaking with World Cup-winning coach Dav Whatmore.

Tell us how did you get into cricket?

Always had an interest and found the game easy as a junior. An immigrant from Sri Lanka was always difficult to integrate into Australian culture. Cricket was the vehicle to achieve this.

Always did well in junior/school competition so always got selected in representative teams along the pathway to International.

You did have a brief spell with the Australian National team, why was it such a short spell, yet you had massive success with Victoria?

Yes sadly. My problem I feel was that I needed a coach/mentor to give me confidence. There was no coach at the time. I lacked the mental ability to feel comfortable at the highest level.

What made you go into coaching?

I had always wanted to remain in the game after playing. Coaching was one option which I enjoyed. 

What has been your most memorable moment as a coach?

There have been many, but the 1996 WC would have to be one of them.

You won the World Cup with Sri Lanka back in 1996, did you expect to win that tournament?

No not at first. It wasn’t until we beat India in New Delhi that I felt confident of going to the final.

Being the 24th year anniversary of that memorable tournament, do you have any one moment that was most memorable for you?

Yes. The Semi-Final in Kolkata. It was most satisfying as we won defending a total. We were renowned for chasing targets.

As a coach, you must have had some players that you’ve enjoyed coaching and working with most, which players did you enjoy coaching the most?

Mainly the younger ones in all teams. They would respond and I knew what I went through without a coach…..that helped me to be a better coach.

You have travelled massively around the world, which country have you enjoyed the most?

I enjoy all countries and make an effort to understand culture. But definitely I enjoy touring countries that we win in!!

How would you define success?

Success is defined in Win/Loss ratio’s. That’s ok for very good teams with a high ranking. For lower ranked Teams this is not always a true reflection. I prefer to gauge improvement individually as guide to success. With more players improving then required results are more likely to be achieved.

Thank you for your time coach the team would like to wish you a very Happy birthday and all the best in your future endeavours.

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