Today on we interview a very special gentleman, Kaustav Lahiri,one of the top cricket agents in the world .

Hi Kaustav,

Welcome to It’s our great pleasure to have you as our guest on this platform.

Tell us a little about yourself & how did you end up being one of the top cricket agent’s in the world?

Thanks for considering me to have me as your guest. It’s really an honor. I come from a very ordinary middle class family but my parents are highly educated if you consider the Indian society. So i am very lucky & fortunate to born, get the basic education in a cultured family.

Kaustav here with the CEO Of Dhaka dynamites Mr Obaid R Nizam.

Thank you for your kind compliment of saying me as “ one of the top agent in world of cricket” but being very honest with you i never thought of that as never compared myself with any other agent.I do not use an Iphone or an Ipad like the top agents do & neither wear high profile branded clothes or watches like they do.Even the other day a client of mine ( who is probably my best friend in this industry ) made a joke of me on this but i am just fine with whatever little god have given me.I am very fortunate to being the manager of few of the very high profile personalities of cricket world & I am always 100% committed & 100% honest with them. I always look after the client’s interest instead of just thinking of trying to make money from them. Probably my client’s trust me for that & that is more than good enough for me as my satisfaction. Maybe the day if at all i start using the latest model  Iphone, start wearing top expensive branded clothes & expensive watches maybe  that day you can call me a “ top agent “ as i see other “top agents” doing the same. But if i being honest with you i do not have any intention to change myself on all these & show myself as a “ high profile” important person.

We are curious to know how you manage to work for two top level coaches & have them coach two test nations. I believe you are the only agent currently in cricket world having your 2 coaches as head coach of two test playing nations?

I am very fortunate, extremely lucky & honored to represent Russell Domingo & Lance Klusener.I hold an extremely good personal relationship with both of them. The best part i see & learn from Russell & Lance is how to keep your feet on the ground & stay humble even when you are a national coach. Keeping a positive frame of mind, unconditional desire to win & the work ethics of these 2 coaches are simply unbelievable. They do not believe in short cuts. As i said earlier i am always 100% honest with both these legends & a 100% committed to work for them & make them as much comfortable as i can with all off field matters so that they can focus on their job only.They are amazing human beings & i never ever had any issue working for both of them at a time.They are completely two different individuals & all i need to do is to make sure i am committed to them,be honest & deliver everything they want & expect from me.In other words i always try to repay the blind trust they have on me.

Kaustav here with Afghanistan head coach Lance Klusner

Well,i do not know if i am the only agent currently in this industry of having 2 head coaches in national team but some well wishers of mine said that earlier to me & now you are saying the same. I do not feel proud on this but obviously i am fully committed on these 2 legends as they trust me blind which itself is a huge compliment,an honor. I also manage world cup winning coach Dav Whatmor & former Afghanistan & New Zealand head coach Andy Moles on an exclusive basis.Both got some huge respect in the cricket industry.

A happy man,Kaustav with Bangladesh head coach Russell Domingo and Charl Langeveldt

What qualities do you see in a player & know he will become a future star like how you brought up Qais Ahmad from obscurity & have him play in almost all the league’s around the globe?

Earlier it was all about hearing from other people & almost each time i was bluffed. Now days we also manage few performance analyst who advice us to sign young player’s based on the reports they make & i am very good friend with a top performance analyst from England ( who works in tennis industry also apart from cricket ) & i request for his advice before i sign any young talent. So the set up is very professional. As far as Qais is concerned  i strongly believe he is a serious talent & i never take any credit of whatever he has achieved today. Initially i only helped him to get few contracts in the league’s & rest Qais did by himself with his performance. Having said that i can assure you that this is only like 60% of what he is & i am very confident in next 1 year he will be one of the very best of the best in world cricket. The work ethics of Qais, his attitude towards cricket is admired by all the top coaches of world cricket. I do not have to say anything.

Kaustav pictured here with young sensation Qais Ahmed and Bangladesh super star Mustafizur Rahman.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a player agent?

Each success of my client’s is a success for me irrelevant of how big or small they are. Never thought what is the greatest. Probably not using a latest model i-phone/i pad,not using expensive branded watch & clothes but still having two of my client as head coach of two test playing nations speaks all about my credibility.I enjoy & cherish this achievement.

Always there for his players,Kaustav with Mahmudulah

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a player’s manager?

As i only manage a handful of client’s i want to see them  in serious demand in world of cricket. I want to see them as the best in world. To be more precise players like Najibullah Zadran,Afif Hossain ,Mohammad Saifuddin,Naveen Ul Haq are some serious talents & in next 5 years time i expect them to be superstar in world cricket.I do not have any personal success. If my boy’s are success, coaches are success then i am success. This is as simple as that.

Tell us in one line what’s your secret for success?

I don’t believe in success,I want to achieve excellence and success will automatically follow.