Today’s article will focus on one of the most unique events in the world of sports that once topped the news headlines in the Sikh capital of Punjab state. A few years ago, the famous Indian television host Karan Vahi announced live on his television program the creation of the Box Cricket League with the participation of international stars of show business, whose historical homeland is the Indian northwestern state. The news spread quickly, and the next day it was written about by all the newspapers in the country, the headlines dotted with articles and discussions about the creation of a new league in the world of cricket. Fans of the national sport were very curious about which teams would take part, which players from which countries would return to India to take part in the game and what prizes would be awarded between the teams. In addition to the fact that the participants in the Box Cricket League will be stars of show business, in addition to the players will be women, which makes the event even more unique, interesting and exciting. 

The organizer and main sponsor of the event was the company Xamm Telemedia Works Pvt Ltd and TV presenter Karan Vahi, as it turned out later, was the owner of the team Ambersariye Hawks, which will be discussed in our article today. But about that a little later.

As it turned out, the teams taking part in the Box Cricket League are participants in a reality show, organized by producers from Mumbai and brought to reality a hybrid of sports and real life by all the favorite stars of film and pop. 

The ambitious, talented and scandalous broadcaster Karan Wahi presented his Ambersariye Hawks team logo as a hawk flying under the blazing sun, ready to claw at its prey. This is exactly what happened in the Box Cricket League final when the Ambersariye Hawks defeated the Ludhianvi Tigers, leaving the earthly raptors no chance. 

The formation of the team Ambersariye Hawks took many months and preparation for the championship was quite difficult, because the physical preparation of participants initially wished to be better.

Ambersariye Hawks
Ambersariye Hawks

People in India with interest watched all this time from TV screens on how the preparation for the championship, followed the personal lives of their favorite stars, learned a lot of new, interesting and sometimes shocking things about their idols. 

The championship players included famous, sometimes outstanding personalities from India, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. The Ambersariye Hawks players were initially formed very correctly which proved to be an advantage over the other four teams, the most famous players being Suyyash Rai, Karan Mehra, Shruti Ulfat, Aadesh Choudhary, Rithvik Dhanjani, Kishwer Merchant, Annie Gill, Ashish Sharma, Asha Negi. 

As you can see the team is full of famous personalities, let’s start with the captain, he is Karan Vahi, a popular Bollywood actor, producer, showman who is directly related to cricket because he played for Delhi team in his youth, but still plays this beautiful sport at amateur level, besides he was a participant of several sports reality shows. All know that this guy is a very ambitious person, and the fight, which began in the second innings of the match with Royal Patialvi was his fault. Our captain, not hiding his emotions, began to use foul language, so the owner of the opposing team, Amisha Patel, made a reprimand to him, which he took too much to heart. If it wasn’t for the Ambersariye Hawks players who intervened that night, who knows how it would have ended. The match then resumed and a little later ended in defeat for the Royal Patialvi team who finished the innings with a score of 86 for a loss of 9 wickets. 

Suyyash Rai is a famous actor who everyone knows from the popular supernatural show Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani. Also participated in the show Bigg Boss Season 9, today is one of the most recognizable actor of the Indian series and as the hero of countless commercials.

Karan Mehra – Just as a famous actor who began his career in 2005, known for many series and is directly related to sports, likes to play soccer and is systematically trained. Karan Mehra has shown a great will to win and has become quite a productive team player.

Shruti Ulfat – a native of Dehradun and the host of the program Stree Shakti on the channel DD National, in the championship proved to be a good player, yet not many women are ready to play a fairly tough, not a women’s sport. Must pay tribute to our dear, beloved actress for the stamina and heroism shown in the game.

Aadesh Choudhary – Luckily a failed engineer whose life was turned upside down in an instant, becoming a popular actor, sportsman and a well known media personality, Aadesh Choudhary became a good cricket player and often helped his team out in the championship.

Rithvik Dhanjani – who started his acting career with a negative role, playing a badass in Bandini. Few people know this because the actor gained universal recognition after the show Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Nach Baliye, which he first won and then became the host of the show. Also has a direct relation to sports and showed himself to be a very good team player who was not afraid to take responsibility for the whole team.

Kishwer Merchant, a native of Mumbai, who began her acting career in 1997 with television shows but only gained wide fame after the TV series Arjun. You have to give her credit but her success to this day is off the charts, which is why she became a member of the team. With her extensive experience in reality shows and her acting skills, Kishwer Merchant became a worthy team player and showed great results in the game.

Annie Gill is a television actress from Ferozepur, known to the Indian public since her teenage years from the show Friendship Baazi, as well as a performer of many episodic roles in TV series. She was directly involved in the fight for the trophy and became one of the members of its winners at the end of the season of Box Cricket League.

Ambersariye Hawks team
Ambersariye Hawks team

Asha Negi, a native of Dehradun who moved to Mumbai in 2009 after winning a beauty contest and becoming Miss Uttarakhand, started her career as an actress when she was a college student. After moving to Mumbai, Asha Negi has taken part in dozens of popular projects ranging from TV shows to feature films which have become popular not only in India but around the world. Fans of Bollywood movies appreciate the beloved actress and follow her career.

As you can see, the Ambersariye Hawks team is not just a star cast, our captain managed to gather not only big names of actors, singers and just talented people from show business. Each team member is closely associated with a particular sport, whether it be soccer or cricket. Each of the players had previously participated in a team sport, and some have achieved serious success in one sport or another. Even the female representatives are not timid. No one on the team is new to the sport, which obviously played a big role during the championships. Sometimes, of course, the participants lacked chemistry, sometimes internal misunderstandings and conflicts knocked out some players, but the goal to win united, and Amber’s Hawks won the trophy. 

At the moment, Box Cricket League ratings are quite high and undoubtedly reality shows are very popular with the public, regardless of age and Indian state, although the creators of this reality show originally bet only on the state Punjab and selected the team natives of this place. Some of the players to participate had to get thousands of miles away. The audience did not expect this, no one believed that the stars will start training hard and show excellent individual and team results, good chemistry and the will to win.

The Ambersariye Hawks team in the Boxcreek League initially proved to be champions, winning match after match and steadily moving closer to the winning trophy. Each player had a microphone attached to them and the entire Indian state watched them play professionally, the interaction between team members, and how skillfully the team captain directed the game. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen this kind of chemistry on any other team during the championship. We hope that the Amber Hawks have set an example for others to follow and that next season will be even more interesting and exciting. 

Many fans of reality shows and cricket fans today are wondering what will happen to the Box Cricket League after the end of the season, whether the league will add new teams, the teams will remain in the same lineup or will change their players to others. We already have information today about some of the changes in the new season, which will soon begin and will please its fans. During the championship, we have learned a lot about the participants, some of them with both best and worst sides, but surely we have seen that team sports can unite very different people, of different sexes, with different moral and spiritual values into a single organism that strives to win. We very much hope that with the release of the new seasons of Box Cricket League, the number of cricket fans will increase across the country and the league will expand to new teams and further expand beyond the state and into the whole of India. 

For our part, we congratulate the winners of the Box Cricket League team Ambersariye Hawks, which ran a winless streak and won the winning trophy this season. Karan Vahi proved to be an experienced captain, and his team are first-class players, to whom we wish bright victories in the new season of Box Cricket League!